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Wholemeal Country Loaf

Country style crusty chewy homemade loaf with the goodness of wholemeal flour! This is an easy bread that requires just a little patience. But the end result is totally worth it:)

After a longtime I am writing on this blog. Of course I didn’t stop cooking but I was posting recipes on my Instagram handles. This is my first bread of 2021 and the baking journey is still going strong.

Last night while planning for breakfast, I was missing out on bread.And there was not enough time to start from scratch in the morning.The“no knead” idea suddenly flashed! I used a mix of wholemeal and strong bread flour to get a nice crusty loaf. I used a cast iron pot to bake, that gives a totally different texture. Now like anything good in life takes time, so does country style bread. Please do not be intimidated by the baking time. It is totally worth it and after all it is home made!!

As mentioned, I made this country loaf using wholemeal strong bread flour (not the chapati atta) and a small percentage of strong white bread flour. You can surely use all purpose flour but with a higher protein content (above 10-11%)

Breakfast with freshly made loaf is just outstanding!And I proudly say this after enjoying my breakfast with peanut butter & home made cranberry jam :)

Let me take you through the recipe and if you do try it out, please tag me on instagram @bakercharmz


  • 250gm wholemeal bread flour

  • 150gm strong white bread flour

  • 300ml room temperature water (doing a 75% hydration)

  • 8gm active yeast

  • 8gm salt

  • 20gm granulated sugar

  • 25ml olive oil (or butter or canola oil)

  • parchment paper

  • cast iron or dutch oven


1 - In a large bowl add flour and salt. Mix well.

2 - Then add sugar, yeast and mix.

3 - Pour in oil and give a good mix using a wooden or silicon spatula.

4 - Now add water and mix. Make sure no dry bits are left. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap or a tight fitting lid and place in a warm place for 8-10hrs.

Before you start, pre heat the oven to 230C

5 - unwrap the bowl of fermented dough after 10hrs. flour your fingers, pull and stretch one end (do this in the bowl itself). repeat from all sides one by one forming a dough structure. repeat pull and stretch for 3-4 rounds.

6 - Take a parchment paper, dust some flour and place the dough on it and cover it for 30mins.(oven might have preheated)

7 - Place the cast-iron pot with lid on inside the oven for 30mins.

8 - After 30mins, carefully remove the cast iron pot wearing oven gloves and place it on a heat resistant pad. Remove the lid.

9 - Uncover the dough.Lift the dough with the parchment paper and place in the hot pan. Using a scoring blade make few slits. cover it with the lid.

10 - Place the pan in the oven and bake for 45mins at 230C.

11 - After 45min, remove the lid and bake for 15mins more.

12 - once done, remove the pot out, lift the finished loaf with the parchment paper and place on a cooling rack. remove the parchment paper and leave to cool.

13 - Slice your homemade country style wholemeal loaf and enjoy!

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