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Wholemeal Bread

Wholemeal loaf with a subtle taste of Pomegranate molasses was my breakfast for the weekend. Not only a healthy option, but tasted delicious too!

There are lot of theories surrounding consumption of white flour bread due to carbs overload etc. White or brown, both flour are carbs overload. Brown has more of fibre though, but carbs remains the same. Personally for me white or brown, both goes well. Of course,moderation is the key.

For sometime I have been trying to bake a wholemeal bread but wanted a different taste. Eggs were the first option but then pomegranate molasses came to my mind. I have baked Turkish Simit using pomegranate molasses and the taste was just superb. On the same lines, l decided to try out wholemeal bread… and l was pleasantly surprised.

Normally wholemeal bread has a nutty taste which some like and some don’t. I am in the latter category :) Addition of honey and sugar are normal. Pomegranate molasses took away the nutty taste and gets replaced by light notes of a tangy-sweet pomegranate.

Pomegranate molasses is nothing but juice of pomegranate mixed with sugar and lime juice and reduced to to a thick syrup. These are great as salad dressing, marinating meat, just mix in water and have or add to your wholemeal bread. I enjoyed a fresh slice of the bread with some butter and jam.

I have used 100% wholemeal flour mixed with some strong bread flour. The bread turned out soft and airy and rose very well during both the proofing. I am glad to share another successful bread story and the recipe thereof


300gm whole meal flour

100gm Bread flour or APF with higher protein content

20gm Pomegranate molasses

*alternatively same amount of brown sugar or honey*

20gm unsalted butter + 10gm for brushing

8gm instant yeast

6gm salt

240ml room temperature bottled water

1/2 TB mixed black and white sesame seeds


1 - Mix pomegranate molasses and yeast in room temperature water. keep aside for 5mins. If using dry yeast, you may want to use 41C lukewarm water to activate the yeast.

2 - In a large bowl, add both the flours, salt and mix.

3 - Pour in the yeast mixture and start kneading (if using stand mixer or hand), develop the gluten and make a smooth dough. Add butter gradually in steps as you feel the dough texture getting better.

4 - It was about 8-10 min in stand mixer, by hands add another 5-6mins or as the window pane test is achieved.

5 - Grease a large bowl, place the dough in it, cover and let it rise until doubled in size. It took about 60mins for me.

6 - Now gently deflate the dough, spread it on a working surface and pat down to get a inch thick disc.

7 - tuck in the left and right side of the dough and secure the seam. start rolling from the top, securing seam at each roll.

8 - Roll into a log, tuck and secure the sides and base.

9 - Grease a loaf pan (9X4X4 inches) , drop the log of dough in the pan. generously brush butter, garnish with the sesame seeds.

10 - using back of a spoon, lightly press down the sesame seeds so they don’t fall off.

11 - Brush the inner side of the loaf pan lid with butter and close the pan. Keep in a warm place until the dough is risen and almost touching the lid. I use a pullmans loaf pan, and i can see from the sides, the risen dough. Took about 45mins.

12 - Preheat oven to 240C for 10mins.

13 - Reduce the heat to 200C and then place the loaf pan in the centre and bake for 40-45mins with the lid closed, then carefully open the lid (wear gloves) and bake for another 10mins or until the top is well browned.

****Note i am using a gas oven. Your gas oven might take less time or more. Or using electric oven, baking time is half of what i mention. So please keep and eye. Electric oven will be ok if baked at 190C***

14 - Once baked, remove the pan out. brush some butter on the top, remove from the pan and cool it on a wired rack for an hour or until the loaf is completely cooled. Your bread should have a hollow noise when tapped at the base. A sure way to know well baked bread.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast or meal with home baked wholemeal loaf

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