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Vietnamese Egg Coffee

How does egg coffee sound after lunch?

Presenting Vietnamese Egg Coffee. It may get the 🤢 feeling but it tastes awesome. The short trip I had couple of years ago to Hanoi, I was introduced to this beautiful creation

The reason behind egg coffee, was to create milk like product for coffee since they had scarcity of milk (not during my visit). Sweden and Norway too have similar kind but in Vietnam it was more home invention than some fancy, swanky coffee shop

I am relishing the coffee using Indian chicory because I don’t have Vietnamese coffee. The whole purpose to get a filter coffee jar was to brew this at home.

Now I have Indian filter coffee and I can use the same beans and jar to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Enjoy the visuals of when the coffee was assembled and then when it was mixed giving it a milk coffee look.... exactly why this was invented


1 - Make strong filter coffee using (decoction)

2 - Beat one egg yolk (I don’t use white for coffee) and one tablespoon condensed milk until it’s nice and frothy

3 - Pour the decotion (about 200ml)in a transparent glass and add about 100ml hot water. Mix it

4 - Now gently from one side pour the beaten egg over the coffee. The froth will stay up. Normally you stir and the. Enjoy the coffee

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