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Tutti Frutti Eggless Loaf

Updated: Apr 30

Tutti frutti ice cream, tutti frutti cake and tutti frutti bread - these are some of the tutti frutti childhood memories most of us may have... I did for sure. However, I liked the bread the most :)

Tutti Frutti is candied fruits with natural or artificial coloring. Popular in ice creams in western world. tutti frutti in India is made with raw papaya and flavored with different colors. Mostly used in confectionaries and creamery’s

With the current social distancing, i have been exploring baking and making my own buns and pizzas. Making childhood favorite tutti frutti bread has been on my mind ever since. Since i am an early riser, i like my mornings to be productive and netflix at 5am isn’t productive so it was time to make food memories

It was fun to feel like a baker at 530 baking fresh bread and the outcome of the labor was rewarding. Loaf turned out fantastic. If you are an amateur like me and hesitant to bake, then please know it is very easy. Focus and precise measurement is what one needs

Let me share step by step recipe of baking a tutti-frutti loaf


300gm All purpose flour

5gms instant yeast

5tb sugar

3tb custard powder (optional)

2 drops of vanilla essence

A pinch of salt

One standard cup tutti frutti

20gm butter plus 10gm

300ml warm water (more or less depends on the flour)

Loaf tray


1 - Sieve flour and custard powder in a large bowl. Add yeast and sugar and dry mix

2 - add warm water and using back of spatula , mix in a circular motion until the dough comes together. It will be sticky and gooey

3 - dust a working surface with flour. Remove the dough on it and start kneading for 8-10mins. Keep dusting flour as you knead until the dough is not sticky. Don’t add much flour but just a tablespoon or less each time you want the dough to not stick

4 - lightly flatten the dough and in the center add the tutti frutti, fold they dough and start kneading again by flooding the edges. Once it all come together, place the dough in the bowl, add 20gm butter and knead again for 2-3 mins. Brush your greased hands on the top of the dough, cover with a cling wrap and keep in warm place for an hour or until well risen

5 - punch the air out of the dough and take it out on dusted surface and knead for a minute. Shape up as loaf as per the baking tin length and place the dough in the loaf tin

6 - let it rise for 30-40min, an inch above the surface

7 - preheat the oven to 220C for 10mins

8 - brush the loaf top with milk. Gently. After 5mins spray some water on top

9 - place it in the oven, reduce temp to 200 and bake for 35mins or until the crust starts to brown

10 - take out from the oven, brush 10gm butter and put it back in the oven. Turn off the heat and let the loaf stay inside for 10mins. Take out and the loaf tray. Wait for 10mins, turn upside down for the loaf to release the tin and then place right side up on a baking mesh for 2 hrs to cool down before slicing

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