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Turkish Yoghurt Soup or Lebeniye Çorbası

Turkish Lebeniye Soup or locally known as Lebeniye Çorbası is one such soup that is a meal in itself. And no doubt it is one of my favorite soups ever since I had tasted it for the first time. Of course back then I was not so patient with cooking!

Once upon a time there was soup that was bland, tasteless and boring. And that’s how soups were seen earlier. Now we have some fantastic soup options from around the world that are more delicious than the mains itself!!

Now that I cook and share my experiences and recommendations with home chefs like you, today I would love to share this yummy Turkish Lebeniye soup.

Turkish Lebeniye soup is a yoghurt soup that is packed with proteins and is a very healthy soup. Of course vegetarians too can make the recipe,if meat and eggs are eliminated and alternatives are introduced. Mind you, original stays original though changes can be made to adapt one's palate. Just as many use ketchup and pineapple on pizza, which doesn’t mean they are eating actual pizza 😁

So let’s have a look at the recipe together and if you do like and make it at home then do let me know. Also do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube that will have loads of recipes coming up. Click here to subscribe

Ingredients for Turkish Lebeniye Soup

Serves 2 portions

2TB White rice

1 cup cooked chickpeas (I used canned)

150gm ground mince (used lamb with some fat)

One cup yogurt (homemade whisked)

One egg

One medium onion

Salt as per taste

10gm butter

2TB dried mint

1/2 Tb olive oil

1/2 TB flour slurry


1 - Wash the rice and add to a big pot with three cups water and let it cook while you prep the rest.

2 - Add the onions to a chopper and turn into a very fine texture. Now add ground meat and pulse few times until it all comes together.

3 - Now shape the meat into small balls like the shape of chickpeas or slightly bigger and dust it with flour to avoid sticking.

4 - In a pan,add olive oil and the meat balls and turn on the heat. Fry by gently tossing for 5-7mins.

5 - Rice would have almost cooked by now. Add chickpeas, meatballs along with the juices, salt as per taste and bring let it boil while you prep. Adjust water consistency if thick.

6 - Break egg in the yoghurt and whisk well until well combined.

7 - Ladle in some soup water in the yogurt bowl and mix quickly. This step will prevent the yogurt from curdling when added to the soup pot.

8 - Lower the temperature of soup pot, start pouring the egg yogurt mixture.Keep stirring to avoid curdling.

9 - Keep stirring until you see the whole soup heated up. Then increase the flame and let it boil. But keep stirring.

10 - Add the flour slurry which helps in consistency. Mix and let it boil.

11 - heat butter in another pan. Add dried mint and fry for few seconds.

12 - Pour it on the soup and mix.

13 - Turn off heat and cool down a bit before serving with bread.

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