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Thattai or crispy flat savory poori

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I am fond of south India snacks since my childhood. I could polish off a pack of Kerala Papad in no time. Then murukku or chaklis tops the list of my favourite snacks. Besides eating them I have picked up the art of making them myself too. Of course not Papad but other savory snack items.

Thattai is another favorite of mine. Crunchy crispy with subtle taste of curry leaves and asafoetida (hing) that lingers on your taste buds while you bite into these crispy discs made from rice flour deep fried in coconut oil .... it’s just delicious!

Thattai, largely originated in south India. Crispy poori that are hand patted and made during religious festivities. Back in India, many home businesses supply these delicious snacks and it is easily available. I do find it in Indian stores or Indian snack shelves here but I am not too fond of fried food that is sold in plastic bags. It may or may not be fresh but nothing can be satisfying and more comforting than homemade or say self made.

This morning while being under the self quarantine or social distancing mode due to the COVID-19, I decided to treat myself to these delicious snacks which I may keep to munch while working from home :)

I am happy to share the recipe which was passed down from a family member and I used my morning creative hour to put the recipe in action and make these beauties.


2 cups fine rice flour

Half cup urad dal flour (black gram)

2TB channa dal washed soaked in hot water for an hour (Bengal gram)

3/4 TB Kashmiri chili powder (paprika)

1/2 TB Hing (asafoetida)

2-3 Tb melted butter or ghee or hot oil

Half cup chopped curry leaves

Salt as per taste

Coconut oil for deep frying


1 - on a low flame dry roast both the flours separately until you feel the flours are toasty. Make sure no change in color.

2 - Combine both flours in the a mixing bowl

3 - Add salt, chili powder, hing and chopped curry leaves, drained channa dal and dry mix

4 - Add the melted butter and mix well until you could make a ball of the flours and it holds shape.

5 - Add little water at a time and knead to a firm but smooth dough. Dough shouldn’t be too wet, else oil will be soaked.

6 - Set aside for 10mins, while oil is heating up for deep frying

7 - cut two pieces of A4 size aluminum foil. Lay one on the working surface. Grease this side.

8 - Pinch a lemon size dough, grease your hands and make a smooth round ball and place it on the greased foil.

9 - Gently flatten and apply little oil and flip, apply oil on the other side too

10 - Cover with second piece of foil, like sandwich. Take a flat plate place in the flattened dough and press down and apply gentle pressure to flatten the dough to a thin disc.

11 - Lift the top foil and check the edges. If thick then press down that side with the plate. Disc shouldn’t be very thin else it may break. Gently flip the Thattai on your greased palm and slide in oil. Fry both sides until well browned

Do the same for rest. Enjoy.

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