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Syrian Mafruka

Mafruka is a Syrian (or Middle Eastern) No bake dessert and can be made in less than 40mins from scratch. Flavorful with mild notes of orange blossom and rose water, on a base of semolina topped with gooey shell made from condensed milk, water and cornflour, garnished with chopped nuts

I personally love this dessert because it is not overly sweet and has some refreshing flavors. The luxury to whip up a dessert in no time means a big boon for folk who are on move all the time and also love dessert but not something which takes all day to put together Sharing my version of Mafruka's recipe which was picked by on one of my trips to Damascus in the past



170 gms Semolina

65 gms unsalted butter

250 ml room temperature water

60 gms cornflour

70 + 70 gms condensed milk

2 tablespoons orange blossom water

mixed chopped dry nuts


1 - Place a sauce pot on lowest heat and add butter to melt. As soon as it melt, add the semolina and roast until the semolina gets a nice golden brown color.

2 - Now add 70 gms of condensed milk (you may also add some sugar if you need it more sweet), 150ml water and one tablespoon orange blossom (or rose water) and cook until the mixture is soft

3 - Empty out semolina in a square of round container and with the back of the spoon, press down the semolina to get a even surface which will be the base\4 - Place a pan on heat, add 150ml water, 70 gms condensed milk and the cornflour and mix it well on low heat until it bubbles up and start to thicken

5 - Once the sauce is thickened, gently scoop it out over the semolina base and spread it evenly

6 - Garnish with chopped nuts and let it chill in the fridge for an hour before serving

Out of Oven Mafruka

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