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Spaghetti aglio e olio

Spaghetti aglio e olio means spaghetti in garlic and olive oil - THAT EASY!

On a busy day, a simple spaghetti dish is life saver. So easy to cook and literally in no time. Today was one of such days, getting back home and not in a mood to have something elaborate. Not a big fan of eating out so spaghetti aglio e olio was THE only option

Sharing with you all a quick fix recipe my way. I am not adding chili flakes, because little is more ;)

Spaghetti aglio e olio


1 - 2tbs olive oil

2 - 75gms spaghetti (one portion)

3 - 2tbs minced garlic

4 - 4tbs grated parmesan

5 - 2tbs hopped parsley


1 - Place 600ml water to boil with salt and bring to a rolling boil

2 - Add one portion of spaghetti and cook for approx 11mins or al a dente (You may add more depending on the number of people)

3 - Once done, drain off in a colander, run under running water to stop it from cooking

4 - Place a pan on heat, add olive oil followed by minced garlic, Let both gently heat up so garlic flavor is infused in the oil

5 - Add the spaghetti and toss well

6 - Next add the chopped parsley and toss. Finally add the grated parmesan, turn off heat and toss well

READY to serve

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