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Shev Bhaji

Shev Bhaji is a very simple to make dish and goes well with rice, roti or Bhakris. This dish is made from basic ingredients which are readily available at home. Be it a quick fix meal or an unannounced visit by friends or families, this dish can be made from scratch in less than 30mins flat!

A precious gift from Maharashtra to foodies is mainly found cooked at home or typical restaurants that serve Maharashtrian specialty dishes. I grew up in Maharashtra and those days, pizzas, burgers and fast junk food had newly made its way to Indian palate and I was no exception. While I still love junk food on one odd occasion, typical dishes always gets on my priority list and home-made dish is just my favorite over any fancy food

The preparation is very simple. I have used ready made shev bhaji masala along with home made base masala. Should you not be able to get the shev bhaji masala, then please do not be disappointed. The bhaji tastes good with just base masala too

Sharing the way i make shev bhaji :)

Ingredients (good for 2-3 person)

100 gms spicy thick sev red or the yellow bhavnagri ones

one medium onion slices

half inch ginger chopped

5 garlic cloves whole crushed

one tomato chopped

3 tablespoons desiccated coconut

half tablespoon Kashmiri chili powder

one tablespoon shev bhaji masala (optional)

quarter cup chopped cilantro

salt as per taste

juice of half lemon

4 tablespoon oil (extra needed for the tarri)

300mls water


1 - In a pan, dry roast onions, garlic and ginger until the onions have brown color

2 - now add desiccated coconut and roast until the whole mixture looks brown. Now add one tablespoon oil, mix and then add chopped tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes are soft and mashed up. remove off the flame, cool down and grind to a smooth paste (try adding very little water or no water at all)

3 - Place a sauce pot on heat, add the remaining oil and as it gently heats up, add Kashmiri chili powder. quickly mix it and then add the ground masala. Mix well and cook until oil separates. The base will try to turn out dry, if it does, add another teaspoon of oil

4 - Now add warm water and salt and simmer for about 10mins

5 - add chopped cilantro and mix, off goes the heat

Serving - do not add shev until its time to serve else it will get soggy

add the broth in a bowl and then top with shev and some cilantro, drizzle lime juice and ready to serve

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