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Salli Boti

Parsi Cuisine is one of my favourites. I am very used to eating dhansak, patrani macchi, dhan dar patio, cutlets, lagan nu custard or salli boti/marghi etc, since my school days. I have some fantastic friends who are Parsi and we have bonded so well over decades now. Most of the recipes I share or shared are with inputs from them.

Even before Navroze, I have been planning to make Salli Marghi but the idea to hunt down salli (potato sticks) is nerve racking. While in India, Budhrani used to be the only place that made me come face to face with the existence of salli. Ever since, that’s the only place for me to buy it.Unfortunately we do not get similar to Budhrani salli or even close to it here.

Today I had made up my mind to use whatever salli I get. And since there was good quality lamb at the butchery, I decided to do salli boti instead of marghi.

Salli Boti is lamb mutton simmered in a tomato based gravy with very basic spice and slow cooked for almost 75min. You certainly can use a pressure cooker for a faster option.

The recipe I am sharing may not be same as in the order of ingredients that go in. But I used my understanding to tweak the sequence they go in. Few examples, I have used bone in lamb instead of boneless. And I used cane vinegar in the marination, than adding towards the final steps.

So please do not pin me up for changing an ancient recipe! At the end only the taste matters. Here I would say, let’s look at the final destination of the journey 😊

The journey to Salli boti is as below....


500gm lamb bone in (boneless can be used too)

1TB ginger garlic paste

1TB cane vinegar

1Tsp turmeric powder

1TB red chili powder

1/2 TB each of coriander & Cumin powder

1/2 TB garam masala

One large onion

2 medium tomatoes, purée

1/2 TB tomato paste (optional)

2TB chopped coriander leaves

1/2 TB cane sugar or regular sugar or jaggery

Salt as per taste

4TB canola oil + 1TB later

One cup hot water or as per need.


1 - Marinate mutton with salt, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder and cane vinegar. Keep aside for an hour.

2 - Add oil in a heavy bottom pan. And fry onions until they turn light brown.

3 - Add the marinated mutton and fry until the color changes (5mins High)

4 - Add tomato purée and tomato paste and fry for 4-5mins.

5 - Add all the dry spice powders (except turmeric as that is in marination) and fry for a minute or two.

6 - Add couple of tablespoons hot water and keep frying for 10mins. Add 2-3 TB water each time the masala is dry. This will avoid burning of the dry spices.

7 - Add hot water, enough to cover the top of mutton along with jaggery and bring to a boil.

8 - lower the flame to medium and cover with a tight lid, cook for 60-70mins or until the mutton has cooked well. You may add hot water if water have reduced a lot and mutton is yet to cook. The end consistency is thick.

9 - Add some chopped coriander leaves and mix. Heat off.

10- Serve with potato salli as garnish

Enjoy Salli Boti with chapati, rice or laccha Paratha like I did.

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