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Healthy Sabudana Vada

Sabudana or sago pearls traditionally have had the identity of an ingredient that is used during fasting days in India. I was no different with my opinion until few years ago.

Sabudana for me is something I incorporate in my diet as a breakfast item that is heavy carbs and perfect for me as pre-workout meal at the gym. It keeps my energy level high and does what it needs to do as far as food intake is concerned. I am sure many will have different opinion but thats just how my body is adapted to

Today is a leg workout day and I plan my meal a day before. Leg days are quite intense and to survive through the one hour long workout, nothing better than Sabudana was in my mind. Ofcourse to make it healthy, I chose to make vada's with minimal oil, instead of the deep fried ones

So by the time this blog is read, I may be crawling back home... literally :)

Sabudana Vada (Pan fried)


Half cup sabudana that is washed and soaked overnight

one boiled potato, peeled and mashed

2tbs coarse paste of ginger, green chilies, cumin seeds and peanuts

juice of half lemon

Black salt as per taste

oil for frying

Appe/appo pan for making


1 - Mix sabudana with potato, salt, coarse paste and lemon juice

2 - Knead to a dough and make small balls to fit the pan pockets

3 - Heat up the pan, add a drop or two of oil in each pocket and let it heat up well

4 - Place each vada ball in the pocket and let it cook on high for 2-3mis.

5 - Medium flame, cover and cook for 2-3mins

6 - Now gently flip over and cook each side until it starts to crisp up

7 - Add a drop or two of oil once you flip

SERVE HOT with sweet yoghurt dip and same masala chai

Detailed, video, please watch below and do not forget to subscribe

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