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Puran Poli with traditional Amti

Updated: Apr 15

Puranpoli or Ubbati is bread made with stuffing of bengal gram dal, jaggery and cardamom powder. It is one flavourful bread that one can relish with ghee or Katachi Amti which is THE most ideal combination. Puranpoli is quite popular during festivals in western Indian belt, but for me the day I make puranpoli is a festival... after all food is celebration of life, no matter how simple we cook.. it is a blessing!

Recipe for the stuffing (PURAN)

1 - Wash 1cup bengal gram or channa dal and soak for 4hrs in hot water and pressure cook with little salt and turmeric with 400ml water for 15-18mins (4 whistles)

2 - Once done, strain the dal and mash it up, and keep the left over water for Amti.

3 - One cup jaggery / 2tsp of cardamom powder.

4 - In a pan add the mashed dal, and the jaggery and cook on medium heat for 5minutes. The mixture will become little watery.

5 - Add cardamom powder and mix well. keep stirring until the water evaporates. Note that the mixture should not be dry but firm. A wooden spatula should hold and not fall off if put in between the puran. Flame off and let it cool down completely.

Let's get rolling!

Knead some chapati dough. I have used two cups wheat flour +2tb Maida (flour).

Knead to a firm dough by adding salt and 2tb oil.

Rest for 20mins (the dough ;) )

Puran (stuffing) as made earlier (should be at room temperature)

Some flour for dusting, rolling pin and oil

Roll a medium onion size ball , make in a small flat disc, place similar size of puran in it, seal the edges, and roll it out

Place the rolled poli on an iron griddle and cook both sides. Apply oil while cooking or ghee if you prefer... done!

Katachi Amti for Puranpoli

This fiery looking amti which means gravy is so delicious that as I type my words out, I plan to go for a second round of dinner!!! (-:

I have lived in Maharashtra until the late 90's and I grew up enjoying amazing Maharashtrian cuisine ,which is very close to me and I am so proud of the traditional dishes.Thankfully I have access to an Indian store close by and they stock such amazing stuff from India that many Indian expats living in other countries may not be able to get all that! I happened to find ghati masala which is a very traditional mix used for delicious curries. I am linking the masala for you to read through. The amti gets it color from this masala but if you dont have access to ghati masala, then please use kashmiri chili powder or even goda masala.

Amti is made with the water left from cooking bengal gram or channa dal used in making puranpoli

Sharing my quick recipe for the amti...


1 - One glass of water left over from cooking channa dal or bengal gram to be used for Puranpoli

2 - One glass of water

3 - One medium onion sliced

4 - Five cloves of garlic

5 - Two tbs ghati masala or kashmiri chilli powder

6 - 50gm chopped dry coconut

7 - 3 tbsp oil (require extra for the tari) Salt to taste.

For the wet masala

1 - In a wok,add 1tbsp oil and fry the onions, garlic and coconut until you get a nice brown colour to onions and coconut.

2 - Separate the garlic and crush them, make onions and coconut make a paste with little water

To make the amti

1 - Add remaining oil and once it heats up add the crushed garlic and fry until they are light brown.

2 - Add the wet masala prepared and roast for about 2 minutes.

3 - Now add the ghati masala or Kashmiri chili powder or goda masala and roast until the oil separates.

4 - Now add the channa dal water and half glass of water to adjust consistency. This amti is watery so adjust the desired consistency,

5 - Add salt and bring to a vigorous boil, flame off and ready to serve with puranpoli.

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