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Pistachios & Dates Ice cream

365 days of the year I have dates around and lots of varieties.... I mean edible dates (fruits) just to be specific ☺️☺️

I am yet learning the different dates available within the GCC and the region. And they all taste different with different textures. Just before Ramadan we have so many varieties of dates and few of its byproduct, that it is next to impossible not to sample few. Date syrup or date molasses is one of them. This simple syrup is packed with nutrients. Add it to milk and a delicious healthy milkshake is ready.

One of the supermarkets here sell dates pickle with an indian taste. Few years ago I couldn’t relate to a pickle that’s made with dates. But now I love it!

There are so many options one can use dates and dates syrup. I have tried a few and was successful at using them. One such is Dates ice cream. Naturally sweet, safe for those cheat meals (so to say). Usually I don’t really eat ice cream as such. It is the fact that it will be home made, with natural sweetness, that was kinda impressive. And I decided to give it a try :)

The ice cream does take longer to make because I made it without the ice cream maker. It was indeed a fun experience and definitely successful.

Let me share the recipe with you all. Hoping you will try it out and share your feedback ..


2 cups full fat milk (450ml)

3 cups cooking or heavy cream (room temperature)

One cup dates syrup (room temperature). More if you like it sweeter.

One cup chopped dates (soft)

Half cup crushed pistachios

Extra amount of crushed pistachios & dates syrup for garnishing.

Method :

1 - In a heavy bottom pot boil milk on high and then simmer for another 10min. Give a stir in between so the milk doesn’t stick to the base. Let it cool down for 10-15mins

2 - In another heavy bottom pot add the cream and dates syrup and on lowest heat, gently let it heat up. Keep stirring, so the syrup incorporates well.

3 - slowly pour in the boiled milk and keep stirring until you see steam coming off. Turn off the heat. Let it cool down to room temperature.

4 - Add pistachios and chopped dates. Mix well.

5 - pour in a ice cream box (I used an old plastic ice cream container). Seal the box and put it in the freezer for couple of hours.

6 - remove the box and churn the ice mixture with a hand mixer for 4-5 mins. Cover and put it back in the freezer.

7 - repeat the churning process twice more. After every 2-3hrs.

8 - after 3 churning stints, finally let it freeze for 24hrs.

Done! Scoop and Enjoy.. Sugar free.. Guilt free :)

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