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Pineapple Sheera or Halwa

Growing up in Maharastra makes poha or sheera a synonym with 'Nashta Karaila ya' (join in for breakfast)

A breakfast dish or tea time snack of hot plate of sheera tastes awesome. Sheera over the years has got some tremendous makeover. Back in 80’s and 90’s I knew home made sheera and the ones which are available only on some religious events were the only options to relish.

When I heard that pineapple sheera does exist, I wasn’t quite ready to explore or say mutilate the taste but then curiosity gave in!

Sharing my recipe for pineapple sheera

Pineapple Sheera


- 4 slices of pineapple, core removed. Two chopped to small pieces and two puréed

- Half cup warm milk with few strands of saffron

- quarter cup semolina or rawa (thick)

- 150ml pineapple juice at room temperature

- Quarter cup cashews, raisins and chopped almond

- Pinch of cardamom powder and nutmeg

- Pinch of salt

- 2 + 2 tablespoons ghee

- quarter cup sugar or as per preference

Method (LOW FLAME all throughout)

1 - Add 2 tablespoons ghee in a heavy bottom pan. Once it melts, add the chopped nuts and sauté until the raisins start to puff. Now add the semolina and on lowest flame, keep sautéing until the semolina turns light brown and has a nice nutty aroma

2 - Add warm milk in batches and keep mixing until the semolina has come together. Cover and let it cook on steam for 2-3minutes

3 - Now add the pineapple pulp, pinch of salt and mix well and cook on steam for another 2 minutes

4 - Pour in the pineapple juice, mix and cook on steam until the water starts to evaporate, but not dry

5 - Add remaining 2 tablespoons ghee and sugar and give a good mix. Cover and cook on steam for 2-3mins. Heat off, add the chopped pineapple pieces, mix and serve with dry fruit garnishing

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