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Phena Bhaat or Congee with veggies

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Phena Bhaat is Bengali version of congee with lots of seasonal veggies. A simple dish but so flavorful! I personally love the idea of incorporating different vegetables in a one pot meal. It not only meets the nutritional requirements of ones body but also makes eating veggies so interesting.

The blend of veggies, tossed in mustard oil, had with a mushy cooked rice and lentil combination with ghee is very simple to sound, but a blast of flavor pot. No spices used, yet so delicious. This dish is very easy to pull off on a busy day and need not really worry about any sides as such

Since its like winter here, we have lots of veggies flooded the market, and the one dish besides Undhiyo came to my mind was Phena Bhaat. There are many version of this dish, just as we have Chinese dosa, Chinese bhel or broccoli pizza these days (not all but some health conscious foodies think broccoli anywhere is healthy LOL)

I am glad to share recipe of phena bhaat with you all.


1 - Half cup govindobhog rice and quarter cup red lentils or masoor dal, washed well and soaked for an hour

2 - Mixed winter veggies chopped into bite size pieces - one cup cauliflower florets, 8-9 french beans, one cup sweet potato, one carrot cut length wise, one cup pumpkin half bunch spinach

3 - salt to taste

4 - one tbs mustard oil

5 - one tbs ghee

6 - one tsp nigella seeds


1 - Place rice in electric rice cooker add salt and 2 and half cups water. It needs to be mushy so water is over the normal requirement. You may adjust water if using different type of rice.

2 - Place and the veggies above it in the steamer bowl. If you using pressure cooker you may want to let the veggies be above the water

3 - Turn on the cooker and cook until the veggies are 90%cooked. Remove the veggies tray and let rice continue cooking. Add few pieces of carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and french beans to the cooker and cook until the rice lentils are mushy and water almost soaked

4 - Season the veggies with salt and mustard oil and cover and keep aside

5 - Once rice is done, mash it up with the veggies in it. Heat ghee in a tempering pot and add nigella seeds to it. Let it crackle and add this to the mashed rice. Mix all well, serve with the cooked vegetables in mustard oil. You may also serve fried egg or boiled egg along

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