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'No Knead' Country Style Loaf or pain de campagne

These days I have been working on my bread skills and l got quite a few good results. Except one that painfully failed even after everything was perfect as the parchment paper decided to live happily ever after with a beautifully risen tall, dusky and crusty loaf!And it had to be agonizingly discarded!

So welcome to a new day and the success of sharing a new bread story ..... a happy one! :)No Knead country style loaf or Pain de campagne it is!

This is an easy bread that needs no kneading and turns out incredibly delicious. Crusty crunchy exterior and soft chewy & airy inside. Country style bread is fantastic with any meal or as part of light munching with some olive oil.Just as I had before, I decided to pen down the way to this successful bread.

Country style loaf/bread is made with certain essentials besides the ingredients. The proofing basket or the bannetons helps a lot BUT I could do the same with a regular bowl to achieve the end results.

Typically the dough is fermented for long hours. In my recipe it is almost 18hrs. And it is not at all difficult. I set my shaggy dough around 1500hrs the previous day,and my final loaf was ready at 0900 hrs the following morning.

I took the liberty to bake two loaves - one with strong white bread flour and other one regular All Purpose Flour. Both turned out excellent and barely any difference, other than bread flour being a more firmer dough. Below is the image of loaf using APF

If you think Pain de campagne is tough work, then I am sorry to disagree! It is not...

Have a read through the below recipe and decide for yourself. And if you do try, do let me know on my social media handles. Also there are some simple bread recipes on my YouTube. If you haven’t subscribed me then click here to subscribe

For Pain de campagne or Country style bread, you need

400gm Strong bread flour/All purpose flour

3gm instant dry yeast

5gm salt

320ml lukewarm water


1 - Make sure you are using bottled water that is max temperature of 41C

2 - Add water in a large non metallic bowl.

3 - Add yeast and stir.

4 - Sift in bread flour or APF.

5 - Add salt and mix using back of wooden spatula until you get a shaggy dough.

6 - Cover with a cling wrap and keep in a warm place for 3 hours.

7 - unwrap the dough. If it’s sticky then as you peel the wrap, wet your fingers and release the stick edges.

8 - Using wet fingers, gather the dough in one side of the bowl. Pinch one part of the dough, stretch and fold. Do this without tearing or breaking the dough for about 4-5mins.Use wet fingers to handle the dough.

9 - now dust flour on the top of the dough, cover and keep in warm place for 12hrs undisturbed to rise.

10 - unwrap the cling film and drop the dough on floured surface. Fold the dough in by stretching and folding. You may use a bench scraper or floured fingers.

11 - I used a ceramic oven safe bowl to bake. Brush this large bowl with olive oil and place the stretch dough in the bowl. Dough will be very soft and lucid. The dough will shape up in the bowl.

12 - cover and keep it to prove for 35mins. Once risen, using sharp blade or knife, score through the center, dust with some flour and drizzle some olive oil.

13 - Place an oven safe bowl with water on the lowest level in the oven. Preheat gas oven to 220C.

14 - Place the proved dough in the oven. Spray some water inside the oven.

15 - Bake at 220C for 20min, reduce the temperature to 190 and bake for about 60-70min or until the top is nice crusty and browned.

*if using electric oven, try to keep an eye on the browning. You might get quicker results if not using gas oven*

16 - once browned, remove the loaf from the oven on a cooking rack. Cool it for2hrs before slicing and enjoying Pain de campagne or country style loaf with your favorite condiments.

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