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Mutton Pulao

Few days back I stumbled upon a food post of Mutton Pulao on my facebook group -

Home Chef's World Cuisines

which was posted by one of our member Mrs. Shailaja Keni. The first look itself made me ask for recipe. Mrs. Keni was very kind to quickly share the recipe.

There are many ways to prepare a quick pulao, but the specific one shared by Mrs. Keni is so flavorful with such minimal ingredients. The house is filled with a light aroma of ginger garlic and whole spices. I am sure today the lunch hosting is going to be relished by my guest :)

Sharing the recipe which is strongly recommended to try out and trust me, you will love the simplicity of making this dish and the lovely taste that comes of it as an end product.

My guest had verdict on the Pulao - "IT WAS YUM" I had packed some off too and it was gladly carried away :) Happy tummy happy all!

Sharing the recipe with slight enhancements from my side


900 gms mutton (lamb shoulder)

2 cup sela rice that is washed and soaked for 2hrs

2tbs ginger garlic paste

for mutton - 5 green and 3 black cardamom, 3 bay leaves

one sliced onion

rice seasoning - 3 green and 2 black cardamom, 2 stick cinnamon, 5 pepper corns, 4 cloves. (one star anise, one maze and 2 dagadphool are optional)

salt as per taste

750ml of water for cooking mutton and later as stock

2tbs ghee


1 - Add mutton to pressure cooker, next ginger garlic paste, and all dry spices for mutton, mix well until well coated and starts to smoke

2 - Add 750ml of water, salt as per taste and cook for 20mins (time may vary as per your pressure cooker)

3 - Once steam settles down, open and drain off, reserve the stock

4 - Place a pot on heat, add ghee. once heated, add all the dry spices for rice flavoring ingredient and fry until fragrant

5 - Next add the sliced onions and keep frying until it is light brown

6 - Add washed rice, little salt, Mutton pieces and give a good gentle

7 - Add 4 1/2 cups of reserved mutton stock, mix, cover and cook for 12-15mins

8 - Open the lid when 6 mins left, add some garam masala, mix, add quarter cup stock if rice is dried up, cover and cook until rice is done

serve with some spicy hot raita

For detailed video recipe click below

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