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Mutton Curry

Goat mutton is not a very popular protein intake source in the middle east, but I am glad to have supermarkets which stocks or sources fresh ones from the subcontinent or Africa

Mutton biryani or curry just tastes superb! Curry paired with rotis (wheat bread) or rice just goes too well.I have been wanting to make some new kinda mutton curry and not the usual I make

My facebook group has awesome foodies and they really inspire me to cook. One such foodie buddy is Vinita Mishra. She had posted a delicious looking mutton curry that caught my attentions and Vinita was kind enough to share the recipe so quickly.

Vinita is a blogger and her site www.vinitaskitchen.wordpress.com has some lovely bakes. I urge you all to have a look at her work and try out the amazing creativity she shares

Mutton Curry

Let me take you through the recipe for Mutton Curry shared by Vinita with a little changes from my side


500gms mutton (Bone in), wash and marinate with salt and turmeric

Paste of 2 large onions and 2 large tomatoes

one table spoons ginger garlic paste

half TBS turmeric powder

half TBS chili powder (Kashmiri)

half TBS Cumin powder and Coriander powder each

half cup yoghurt

3 tbs cooking oil (used mustard)

Dry whole spices:

one inch cinnamon stick

4 green cardamom

4 cloves

one tsp cumin seeds

one tsp fennel seeds

few pepper corns

Other ingredients

few slit green chilies

half cup water (hot)


1 - In a pressure cooker heat up the cooking oil. Add Kashmiri chili powder and let it bubble up for 5seconds ONLY, then add all the dry spices (mentioned in ingredients) and sauté until they release aroma

2 - Next add the ginger garlic paste and cook until the raw smell if off. Now add the onion and tomato paste and fry on medium heat until oil starts to separate

3 - Now add turmeric powder, cumin and coriander powder and fry for about a minute

4 - Add the yoghurt and fry for 5-6 minutes on high heat

5 - Add the marinated mutton (salt if needed) and slit green chilies

6 - Add half cup hot water and close the lid and cook until done (i did 8 whistels)

Open the lid and garnish with cilantro.

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