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No Rice Idli & Dosa

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Idli or Dosa which are very popular breakfast items in many Indian kitchens has evolved in the last several decades. From a generic plain rice-urad dal combination to Ragi to jowar to Varai - It just keeps getting healthier!

I remember years ago, having known about Moong dal idlis - URGH! that was my expression then. Moong dal or split green gram for me has been mainly as dal gravy but to think of tampering with good old idli and making with moong dal was blasphemy! Call it ignorance of immaturity back then. Now that I invest my time into reading and exploring more about food, I started to realize the importance of grains, pulses and legumes that if combined with our traditional food, it can have so much impact on our health and future lifestyles.

Rice for me is not unhealthy unless you over eat. But to have rice as a total replacement can be a very good alternative for many who don't eat rice for various reasons. For example, I have tried Varai or Barnyard Millet Idli & Dosa that has been a great success. of course this recipe is not my invention but I have made few twists on different occasions that is posted on my Facebook group Home Chef's World Cuisines.

Recently I had my maiden attempt at making Moong Dal idlis and Dosa without rice. Both results were amazing and I am very glad that the recipe shared by a very senior family friend worked and was a cake walk.... perhaps idli walk :)

Fermenting for me takes a long time even if I live in a warmer country, mainly because the temperature indoors are regulated. However the fermenting time differs as per the region we are in. Glad to share my recipe for idli and Dosa as below


2 cups Moong dal (Split green gram)

1 cup whole Urad dal (Whole black gram)*

Salt as per taste


1 - Wash both the dal in water until the water runs clean

2 - Soak the dal for 3hrs and then grind to a smooth paste. Try not using to much water. i have used a regular blender to grind. Initially ground without water and later added quarter cup

3 - Take out the batter in a vessel bigger than the quantity of batter.

4 - Add salt to the batter and mix with clean hands in one direction for 5mins (it is a workout but worth the 5 calories burnt. Helps in the fermentation process)

5 - Cover and set the vessel in a warm place to ferment and rise (image below)

6 - Once the batter is fermented, you can make idli or dosa right way or can put the batter in refrigerator for later use.

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