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Mexican Coffee Buns or Rotiboy Buns

Rotiboy buns or Mexican buns are sweet buns with a coffee topping and a butter filling. Soft, delicious and sweet buns that are perfect with hot Coffee!

Mexican buns are originally invented in Malaysia and the word 'Mexican' perhaps is because of a similar bread in Mexico. However since I had this long back in Malaysia at Rotiboy which are the original creators of this sweet bun, I prefer to see it as Malaysian buns.

These buns are really very delicious.Best to have it fresh. And homemade is the answer! Though few other outlets also serve these buns and many would want to support local businesses, Which is fine. But buying raw ingredients and making at home is also considered supporting local businesses. 😊 I like homemade stuff, so I support local business by making it myself:) These are pretty easy to make. All you need is a little patience and everything comes together beautifully!

I have been thinking to try making the buns at home,to beat the curfew hours by being indoors and also creative at the same time.Mexican buns were the perfect answer! If you fancy trying out the recipe then please read on. Trying to simplify the recipe and share..

Ingredients for dough (4 large buns)

200gm strong bread flour (APF is good too)

75gm milk at room temperature (+/-)

20gm butter unsalted

20gm sugar

2gm salt

4gm instant yeast

One egg (55gm)

Ingredients for coffee topping

25gm Self Raising or cake flour

30gm butter unsalted

35gm cane or brown sugar

Pinch of salt

One egg

1/4th TB instant coffee mixed in 5ml hot water

For the butter filling

20gm unsalted frozen butter cut into 4 equal parts


1 - Mix yeast, sugar, egg and milk.

2 - Add flour, salt and mix using back of wooden spoon to get a shaggy mass of dough. If using stand mixer or hand mixer, knead the dough for good 10-12mins and by hands around 15-17 mins. If using APF try consider increasing the kneading time until the dough passes the window pane test.

3 - Place the dough in a big bowl and cover. Let it rise for an hour or until doubled in size.

4 - Once risen, punch out the air from dough and give a light knead. Cut the dough in 4 equal parts. You may make smaller if you wish.

5 - Keep the cut dough covered for 5mins.

6 - Roll one dough lightly by hands and make space to keep a butter blob in the center. Remember to have frozen butter which makes it easier to stuff.

7 - Secure the seam and lock the butter from all sides. Roll into a smooth ball and place in a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Do the same for rest of the dough.

8 - Cover the dough and let it rise for 60-90mins. Since the butter is cold inside the dough, rising might take little longer. Just be patient.

9 - For the coffee topping - beat sugar and butter until it see air bubbles and the colour has lightened.

Break in one egg and gently whisk until well combined.

Add coffee blend, flour and salt and fold in all until well combined. Fill this batter in a icing cone piping bag and keep it in fridge until time to use

10 - Once the second rise is well done, take out the baking tray and the coffee topping from the fridge and set the oven to preheat at 190C gas oven or 170C electric oven.

11 - Pipe on the topping starting from the top, covering 2/3rd of the bun. do the same for rest of the buns.

12 - Place the bun in the preheated oven on middle rack and bake it for 20-25mins or until you see the top of the buns aren’t glossy anymore.

13 - once done, remove from the oven, take the buns out on a cooling rack and to cool down a bit before enjoying it with a coffee.

Few Notes:

Use a larger baking tray so the sides are not sticking to the sides of the tray

let the buns cool down but serve before its cold. Warm bread and coffee tastes fantastic.

Have a look at the softness of the buns..

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