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Mayak Gyeran - Korean egg pickles

I grew up knowing pickles as something that is always spicy and oily. It took sometime to know that Middle East offers a wide range of pickles that are only made with water and salt. And anything that looks like vegetable that can be pickled too

Then few years back in a Korean cook and dine concept restaurant, I stumbled on Mayak Gyeran which is Korean egg pickle. The host explained that Mayak means drug but no drug in there! And the name was quite catchy to see how it is made. A very easy version that not only tastes delicious but a quick fix delicious meal can be whipped up by just making rice, one egg with some sauce and a meal is ready

Mayak Gyeran is little sour, little sweet and little spicy. The taste blends is so well and all the notes are in harmony. I avoid very spicy food, so I had used more of sweet notes than spicy hot. The best combination of these eggs are with fragrant jasmine rice, though I have used basmati rice. The pickle stays good for 4-5 days

Sharing my way of making the drug eggs!

Ingredients for sauce:

half cup soy sauce

half cup room temperature water

one tablespoon honey (sugar as alternative)

a pinch of salt

Hot pepper (I used red, green and yellow mild spicy. You make use hotter ones)

one tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

one or two strands of chopped scallions

For cooking eggs

03 eggs

half teaspoon salt

02 tablespoon vinegar


1 - For soft boiled eggs, heat water to a rolling boil. Add salt and vinegar, turn down the heat to lowest and let it simmer

2 - Gently place the eggs in the simmering water and then turn the heat to medium high and cook for exactly for 6-7 mins for soft boiled or 10 for well done

3 - Remove the eggs, and place them in ice cold water. Peel the eggs and keep aside

4 - In a air lock box, mix all the ingredients for the sauce and whisk well until all comes together

5 - Place the eggs in the sauce and store it in the refrigerator for overnight. The pickles can be stored for 4-5 days

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