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Maharashtrian Goda Masala

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Goda Masala also known as kala masala is a very integral part of Maharashtrian cuisine

Growing up, I had heard about Kala Masala but I realized few years ago how different it is t0 garam masala. Though both are used to pack in more flavors, yet they both are so different in taste with the dish they are added to

My quest to make Goda Masala at home ended during Covid pandemic. In self isolation and quarantine days, I loved the fact how there was so much self learning. Not able to access the Indian store, and few recipes that I wanted to make called for Goda masala, which I didn’t have. But then after a casual chat with a friend in Pune, I find myself making my one Goda Masala. Now of course the recipe is authentic, shared by my friends mother but I had to tweak a little bit depending

In the recipe below I have excluded the use of poppy seeds as they are banned in this part of the world. Also Nagkesar has not been used although the original recipe has it as one of the ingredient. However, I didn’t really find a difference than the store bought masala I have been using for so long. On the contrary my spice blend is even more aromatic and my Puneri Misal turned out just as it tasted back in Pune (at least very close)

Goda masala is a must for Masale Bhaat and goes perfectly well with chicken & mutton preparations too

Here is my version of the Goda Masala. Hope you will like it and if you do try, feel free to share your comments and feedback in the comments below or on my Instagram (link on the homepage)

Recipe in 3 parts

Batch 1 - Ingredients

25gm Sesame seeds (तील)

40gm Desiccated Coconut (सुखा खोबरा)

Batch 2 - Ingredients

5gm Dried turmeric pods (सुखी हल्दी)

5gm Fenugreek Leaves (कसुरी मेथी)

2.5gm Cinnamon Stick (दालचीनी)

2.5gm Black Peppercorns (साबुत काली मिर्च)

2.5gm Cloves (लौंग)

2.5gm Bay leaves (तेज पत्ता)

2.5gm black stone flower (दगड़ फूल)

2.5 gm Carom seeds (अजवैन)

2.5gm Asafoetida (हींग)

75gm Coriander Seeds (साबूत धनिया)

25gm Cumin seeds (जीरा)

Batch 3 - ingredients

2.5 gm Red Chilli powder (spicy variety)

2 teaspoon Sea Salt

Additionally needed ingredient

2 tablespoons Canola Oil


1 - In an iron Kadai, on lowest heat, roast batch 1 ingredients one by one until they are toasty and light brown. Remove in a wide plate and let it cool down

2 - In iron kadai, add canola oil and on lowest heat, roast coriander seeds and cumins seeds first from batch 2 ingredients until they are fragrant. Remove on one plate and cool down

3 - Next add rest of the ingredients from batch 2 and roast ingredients for 3-4 mins on lowest flame or until fragrant. Keep flame very low and keep mixing as it roasts. Remove on the plate with coriander seeds

4 - After everything has completely cooled down, grind batch 1 in a dry blender jar. Remove on a plate (grind for few seconds and stop. Then continue same way by stopping and grinding until you get a coarsely fine texture (you won’t get a fine texture so slightly coarser)

5 - now grind batch 2 ingredients same as batch 1 technique

6 - now combine batch 1 & 2 with batch 3 ingredients- salt, chili powder and give a good mix by hands.

7 - Store in an airtight container. I normally keep my spices in freezer as they stay fresh longer. You may follow the same or as the climate in your area allows to store

You have your goda masala for masaale bhaat, bharli vangi or any Chicken or mutton dishes 😋😋😋

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