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Lagan nu Custard

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Lagan nu Custard literally translates as 'Wedding Custard' served during Parsi weddings. Parsi weddings are all about food and it is always the BEST. Few moons ago, I was invited to a wedding at Parsi Gymkhana in Bombay and my friend had told me, it is advisable to carry an envelope with cash as gift for the bride and bridegroom who were my friends too. I was also warned that I should handover the envelope only after I had finished eating. However absurd that was, I followed as I was told. Out of curiosity, while driving back, I asked my friend why is it that the envelope handed over after dinner.. his reply cracked me up!:) It seems, in Parsi weddings, the gift is given to the married couple only if the food is best!!!! Shocking! .... Couple who were good hosts will be deprived of materialistic blessings if the caterer was not the best!! Thankfully my couple friends weren't broke after the wedding and the food was BEST 😊

I remembered this dish after a long time, since all the ingredients were at hand, I made sure I put it together and share it with you all...anticipating some envelope will be passed 😉 even though I am not reading my vows 😆


1 - 120ml Condensed milk

2 - 2tbs sugar (you may use more)

3 - 300ml milk

4 - 02 eggs / half teaspoon cardamom powder

5 - two drops vanilla essence

6 - aluminium baking bowls

7 - Butter or butter spray

8 - Chopped dried nuts


1 - Heat up milk in a sauce pot and bring to a boil. turn off heat and let it sit for 5 minutes.

2 - Next add the condensed milk, sugar (you may add more if you like it even sweeter)and give it a good mix and let it completely cool down to room temperature. I let it stay for about 2hours. If you add the next ingredient which are eggs, when the milk is hot then it will be curdle.

3 - Now break the eggs in a bowl, add essence, cardamom powder and whisk until mixed and frothy.

4 - Combine the egg mixture with the milk, sugar and condensed milk mixture and mix well.

5 - I used butter spray to grease the baking bowls. If you don't have baking bowls then you may use baking tray or ramekins.

6 - Pre heat your oven to 190 degree C

7 - Gently mix and pour in the mixture into the greased bowls.

8 - Pour some hot water in a baking tray (water bath), place the bowls in them and place the tray in the oven for 40 mins.

9 - At around 20mins mark, garnish the surface of the custard with chopped nuts and some sugar for the caramelized texture.

10 - I had to keep for another 5minutes with the oven on, and then switched off oven and let it remain inside for 10mins. You may later adjust the timings depending on the brown crust achieved. Use a toothpick for the slide clean test

**Make sure the baking tray with water is not dry at any given point and be extra careful working with oven.

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