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Laadi Pao

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Laadi pao or rolls that is very commonly found and popular in western India A staple in Goa, while a integral offering on the street food scenes

Today I decided to bake my own bread or pao that I love to have with eggs or as morning breakfast. This way I am being creative, learning to be self sufficient as far as possible and eat healthy. Without much ado I will share the recipe for the pao/bread. Hoping you all stay indoors and fight this pandemic...... We shall overcome!

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- 400gm strong bread flour (alternatively APF or maida)

- 15gm castor sugar & 15gm milk powder

- 8gm instant active yeast

- 240ml room tem water

- 10ml olive oil + some for greasing

- 8gm salt salt


1 - In a large bowl, add water, sugar and yeast. Mix. Set aside for 5min

2 - Add the flour, milk powder and st and using back of a wooden spatula mix

3 - now dust a working surface and add pour the dough over it. Knead well for 5-7 mins by stretching and pulling and folding. Once the dough builds a resistance, add olive oil and start kneading for 8-10mins until you get a window pane effect

4 - Place the dough in a greased bowl, Cover the bowl with cling wrap or a tight lid and place it inside microwave (off mode) or any warm place for about 60mins to rise. Dough will double in size

5 - unwrap the bowl, punch the dough to take remove the air

6 - Now lightly knead again and cut the dough in 12 equal parts, you may make 10, depending on you baking tin or tray

7 - Grease a baking tray or lined with parchment paper. Either is fine

8 - now roll each piece of cut dough to form an even round ball and place on the greased tray next to each other leaving half inch space. Cover and let it stay in a warm place for 45min

*turn on your oven at 200C to preheat for 15mins (i am using a gas oven). if using electric then reduce baking time *

9 - Uncover the baking tray, gently brush brush with beaten egg on each dough ball, place the tray in the middle rack and bake for 25-30mins or until you see the top starting to get brown.

10 - Turn off the oven, carefully open the oven, bast some butter over each pao/bread and put it back in the oven for 10mins. Now take out the tray, brush some more butter and let it cool down


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