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Kolambi Tawa Fry - Prawns fry

Late 1990's I developed my love for seafood and I am ever thankful to the awesome malvani seafood restaurants in Bombay. These were the places I visited the most and the love for seafood grew. I hope to visit those places in sometime soon!

Kolambi name itself was quite attractive. I recall having kolambi fry at a small (then) roadside popular eatery at linking road, Bandra just because of the alien term "Kolambi" They are so delicious and I never knew creepy things can be so yum. :) I started trying so many varieties of prawns and couple of years down the line, I knew I was preparing it at home. Tawa Kolambi was one such dish that made me drool, each time I knew i was going to have it or make it.

The whole taste elevates not only because of the few flavorful ingredients but because its made on an iron griddle or tawa. I have tried making the kolambi in a non-stick and also other pans but nothing beats the taste of iron tawa

so without much delay let me take you through my way of making Kolambi Tawa Fry


About 500gms deveined, cleaned prawns

one tablespoon ginger - garlic - green chili paste

half cup chopped shallots (You may use regular onions)

one tbs kashmiri chili powder

half tbs turmeric

half tbs cumin powder

half tablespoon Kolhapuri Masala

3 slit green chilies

2-3 pieces of Kokum

freshly chopped coriander

slat as per taste

Method: 1 - Wash, clean prawns and add salt and set aside 2 - Place a tawa on the heat, add oil, sauté onions for about 2 minutes, add ginger garlic paste and cook with frequent stirring until the raw smell is off 3 - add red chili powder, turmeric , roasted cumin powder, kolhapuri Masala (you may use any garam masala) and cook until oil separates 4 - Add the prawns, slit green chilies and Kokum (you may add lime juice as an option). cook until the prawns are done. i cooked for about 7-8 minutes 5 - Garnish with freshly chopped coriander

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