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Kerala Mutton Curry

Kerala cuisine is one of my favourites. I love the simplicity of fresh ingredients used and the flavors that gets infused. Fresh coconut or coconut oil, abundant use of ginger adds a lovely aroma and taste. The very unique way to caramelize onions that imparts a very different taste and texture is one of my favourites. Not to forget the liberal use of black pepper powder and curry leaves are just fantastic.

Today, inspired by the flavors, textures and taste of the above description, I built up a recipe around it. Similar recipe does exist in Kerala,but I went by my instinct to call it as GFG Kerala style mutton curry:)

GFG mutton curry can be served with puttu or appams or idiyappam. It would pair perfectly well. Throw in a Papad and you are in God’s own country!🌴

Sharing my recipe with a step by step images to link the recipe for an easy understanding..


1kg lamb leg

1 1/2 inch crushed ginger

2 1/2 garlic pods

3 medium thinly sliced onions

1/4 cup curry leaves

2 medium and one small chopped tomatoes

4 slit green chilies (you can adapt as per your taste)

4 dry Kashmiri chilies

1/2 TB turmeric powder

1TB coriander powder

1/2 TB cumin powder

1/2 TB Fennel seed powder

1tsp black pepper powder

1TB garam masala

2TBS Coconut oil + 1TB coconut oil + 1TB coconut oil (4 in total)

Salt as per taste


1 - Wash mutton pieces well. Add crushed ginger, curry leaves, salt and turmeric powder.

2 - Add water just good enough to cover the mutton pieces. Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles or 15mins (mutton is cooked in my pressure cooker. Suggest adapting your cooking time based on your pressure cooker make)

3 - In a heavy bottom pot add coconut oil. Once heated, add garlic, onions, green chilies, Kashmiri chilies and fry until the onions are caramelized.

4 - Add tomatoes, cook until the onions are disintegrated. Turn off the flame and cool down

5 - Grind the cooled base ingredients to a smooth paste.

6 - Add 1TB coconut oil and pour the ground mixture and let it sizzle for a minute (be careful as masala is very dramatic and tends to splutter)

7 - Now add coriander powder, cumin powder, and black pepper powder and fry until raw smell is off (a minute)

8 - Now add the mutton pieces (reserve the stock), fry for 5-6 minutes.

9 - Add the mutton stock (add little at a time until you get your desired consistency) garam masala and fennel seeds powder and mix.

10 - Cook on medium flame for 10-12min.

11 - Drizzle some coconut oil on top, add more curry Leaves and flame off. Cover and let it sit for 10mins before serving.

I enjoyed GFG mutton curry with some hot Idiyyapam

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