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Kat Vadas - A real Maharastrian treat for tastebuds

Having grown up in Maharashtra, which is a region with so many ethnic foods. I realized it once I was not staying in Maharashtra. Having said so, growing up with few of the delicacies like the vada pav, kanda bhaji, zhunka bhakar, there was cousin of Misal Pav called as Kat vadas :) Now don't quote me on the family tree that I draw, but it is just how I relate to food that I like. Both look similar in colour and texture yet so different

After many years, Kat Vada just popped up my mind and then there were potatoes around - bound to think food :) Just GFG after all!

The idea to have a potato vada dunked in a spicy curry base thats called as KAT which is the gravy (pronounced as cut) and pav or buns along was a real treat during my university days. We had a lovely canteen inside the university campus that was lush green back then, with open air seating. A place that I will always cherish, even if people's memory who were with me back then would have faded away.

I would go on and on about the lovely time but I prefer to be glued to food topic and here is a delicious recipe for Kat Vada

The recipe can be ideal for 2 persons

Kat Vada

Ingredients for the Kat Masala to be dry roasted and ground

One large onion sliced

8 garlic cloves

half inch ginger piece

few curry leaves

3tbs desiccated coconut

Other Ingredients

1tbs goda masala

2tsp Kashmiri chili powder

salt as per taste

half cup boiling water

- add a tablespoon of oil in a wok and roast all the ingredients except the coconut until onions turn light brown. add the coconut and roast on low until it turns brown, Turn off heat, cool down and grind to a medium smooth paste by adding very little water. keep aside

- In a wok add 3tablespoons of oil. once heated, add the ground masala and fry until the oil starts to surface

- Now season with salt, kashmiri chili powder and goda masala (some use kanda lasun masala but I try to not burst in flames)

- Add one cup of hot water and let the gravy boil for a while. DONE

Ingredients for the Vadas

03 boiled and peeled potatoes that is roughy mashed

02 tbs ginger, garlic, green chili and curry leaves paste

salt as per taste

juice of half lemon

half teaspoon turmeric powder

one tbs oil

- Add oil in the wok. once heated add the ginger garlic green chiles and curry leaves paste and fry for a minute or two

- add the potatoes, salt, and turmeric powder and mix all well

- turn off the heat, add lemon juice, mix, cool down and make round or flat vadas and set aside

Making the vada batter/frying

- add one cup sieved gram flour or besan in a mixing bowl. season with salt and turmeric powder and mix

- Add half cup water and make a smooth batter (not runny nor thick. consistency should hold)

Frying the Vada

1 - Just before frying, add fruit salt or eno OR baking powder (one tsp) and mix well

2 - Dip the vadas in the flour and deep fry the vadas in hot oil until the exteriors are cooked well

Assembling the final dish

1 - In a deep dish spoon in Kat, place a vada dunked in the kat

2 - garnish with some chopped onions and cilantro and nylon sev

3 - Serve along with pav or bread and some chopped onions and lemon on sides

Detailed recipe on Youtube click below and SUBSCRIBE

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