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Karahi (Kadai) Bhuna Gosht

When it comes to Mutton preparations, I love the slow cooked ones. It makes the meat so tender and succulent, that it just melts in the mouth

I have been wanting to share one of the Mutton Dishes that has been a hit, with the number of times I have made it. Besides the ingredients, one very important ingredient is 'PATIENCE'.

The slow cooking of meat takes almost two hours and is totally worth it. I have learnt this recipe from a friend who is a meat or mutton eater. I would recommend trying this dish on special occasions and I vouch that your guests will be overwhelmed by the taste and the how wonderful the ONE ingredient 'patience' that you added, tastes!

Todays Mutton karahi is one hot spicy dish that goes well with naan, kulcha or rotis.

Without much ado, let me share a quick recipe

Karahi Bhuna Gosht


600gm mutton with bone in (l used lamb)

2tbs ginger garlic paste

Karahi Gohst Masala (I buy readymade from store)

Salt (if your masala doesn't have it)

2cups chopped tomatoes

one cup birasta or browned onions (save some for garnish)

4 slit bird eye chilies

2 halved jalapeno peppers (you may use any other chilies or even not use anymore)

2 tablespoon oil

2 tablespoon ghee

julienned ginger for garnish

chopped chilies for garnish


1 - heat on, In a kadai, add the mutton pieces, ginger garlic paste and mix well

2 - Add the karahi gosht masala and mix well

3 - Add water to cover the mutton, cover with lid and set the timer to 120mins

4 - Around 60 mins through the cooking, add slit chilies (red and green), chopped tomatoes, mix well, increase the heat and cook for 5mins, lower the heat, cover and continue cooking until 10mins left on timer

5 - The water should have evaporated, and meat tender and soft. If not, add some more hot water and continue to cook. The aim is to get the meat to fall off the bones

6 - Once the mutton is tender, add oil and ghee both and continue roasting well on high heat, The oil and ghee will start to leave the sides. You may adjust consistency as per your preference. I like it with little gravy as I have Naan to go along

7 - Garnish with birasta, chilies and julienned ginger

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