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Karachi Bun Kabab

Few day ago I was blogging about how my friend introduced me to Nihari while I was living in Dubai. The same evening, to my surprise, he called and was on his way to Muscat trying out the new highway connecting Dubai and Muscat. I had prior engagement so we couldn't meet but a nice chat with him and his kids, his wife shared a very delicious street food from Karachi which she told me was very unique to residents of Karachi

I understood it was vada pav of Bombay but very unique ingredients. When we say kabab we mostly associate it with meat or chicken or vegetarian but grilled. Little did I knew a kabab can be made of bengal gram or say channa dal, wrapped in egg and stuffed between buns in a tangy spicy chutney

I am glad to share this recipe and I bet there may be many variations to this delicious Karachi Bun Kabab


half cup channa dal or bengal gram soaked overnight

half onions roughly chopped

half inch grated ginger

3 garlic cloves

salt as per taste

one tsp of cumin and coriander powder each


1 - Mix all the above and cook until the dal is soft but not mushy. drain off the water and let it cool

2 - Now add 2 boiled and peeled medium potatoes to the dal and mash it all well to make a dough like consistency. The dough should be firm enough to hold the shape. As a tip, I had make a mash of dal first to see if it has too much moisture. Next i added it to a pan and cooked for 5-6mins until it was bit dry so the potatoes once mixed will give a firm texture

3 - Make patties out of the above dough and dip them in well beaten eggs and tawa fry both sides well and remove in a paper towel

4 - If remaining egg then make a plain omelette and keep aside


1 - Add pulp of lemon sized tamarind in a blender. add 2 green chiles, quarter cup cilantro, quarter cup fresh mint leave, 1/2tsp amchur powder, one tsp chaat masala, 1/2 cumin seeds powder and blend to a smooth sauce like consistency. add water only if needed


1 - Apply some ghee to a griddle and toast both sides of a burger bun. Remove on a working surface

2- Apply the base bun with chutney, place the kabab, some onion and tomatoes sliced. sprinkle some chaat masala, add some more of the chutney and cover with pieces of cooked omelette and then with bun.

Enjoy Karachi Bun kabab

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