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Kacha peper ghonto (Raw Papaya in Bengali Style)

Raw Papaya has LOADS of nutrition value same and that just catches my attention. I focus on proteins while I also focus on my fibre intake which helps to eliminate toxic waste from our body, which is very important.

The time I am doing nothing, I like to read about vegetables and their benefits, raw papaya was one of them. I love how this vegetable being so healthy, is not really a part of may diets. Far East it is popular as salad and few parts of India - East and South is quite well versed but limited to home cookings. It is very rare to find any restaurants making this as a par of their menus

I am glad, I have friends who do food-talk all the time. This gets me rolling things in kitchen. Todays preparation is Bengali styled raw papaya curry which apparently is similar to what is made in Bangladesh. This was affirmed by my domestic help Ninja who hails from Bangladesh and he told me in a common language we speak and translated as "EVEN YOU ALL EAT THIS!!" Good to know how our flavors aren't restricted to geographical borders


1 - Raw Papaya (800gms)

2 - salt as per taste, one tsp turmeric powder, one tsp chili powder

3 - Grated giner one inch piece

4 - Grated garlic

5 cloves5 - One green chili chopped, 2 slit for garnish

6 - Paanch Poran (One tsp each of mustard, cumin, fennel, fenugreek and nigella seeds

7 - One red dry chili, 2 bay leaf

8 - Mustard oil Method

1 - Peel the papaya, slice them and then leave it in room temperature water for 15mins. Cut it in 2 halves and then slice it. You may choose your own style to cut

2 - In a pan heat mustard oil until it smokes.

3 - Add bay leaf and dry red chili and saute for less than a minute

4 - add mustard seeds and let it crackle. followed by rest all ingredients of paanch poran

5 - Add the ginger, garlic and chopped chilies and cook until the raw smell is gone and the garlic has brown color

6 - Add the sliced papaya and all the dry spices including salt and give a good mix

7 - Add half cup water, cover and cook until the papaya is tender

8 - You may add sugar too but i skipped it as i prefer it sharp spicy taste

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