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Delicious Fish Curry

Seafood as always been my favorite and living in a coastal city with abundance of fresh seafood round the year is like a spa treatment with sea food.

Though I love baked or grilled seafood, adding Indian spices takes the whole palate to a new level. Today I am sharing one of my favorite curry that I have put together with different cooking methods from different regions of India. Normally tamarind is the souring agent in fish curries, and Kokum or Garcia Indica is not used so often (unless I am mistaken)

Sharing a simple curry recipe with you all and hope you will like it

Fish curry with Kokam


700gms Halibut fillet (you may use any other fish), marinated with salt, half tsp turmeric and one tsp Kashmiri chili powder. Set aside for 30mins

oil for cooking

chopped cilantro

2 pieces in kokum

Masala base

2tbs shallots (pearl onions)

6 garlic cloves

half inch ginger piece

3 dry red chiles

1tbs coriander seeds

4-5 pieces black peppercorns

4 pieces kokum

2tbs freshly grated coconut

Grind all the above to a smooth paste by adding water as needed


1 - Place a pot on heat and add two tablespoon cooking oil, once heated add the masala paste and fry until oil separates

2 - Add one cup water or as per desired consistency, salt as per taste (fish is marinated in salt so be careful)

3 - Bring the curry to a boil, add cilantro, marinating fish pieces and cook for 4-5mins

4 - Add 2 pieces of kokum, heat off and keep covered for 10mins

Serve with steamed rice

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My YouTube recipe video

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