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Eggplant with Prawns gravy

This particular recipe is an inspiration that I draw from my facebook group by the name of Home Chefs World Cuisines, fondly called as HCWC, which has a small number of home chefs who churn out some awesome dishes. Be it traditional, regional, inventions - it is all there! Eggplant with prawns gravy is originally shared by Anjum Shaikh and I was totally impressed by the texture and look of the gravy, that I had to ask for recipe which Anjum gladly shared with me and rest of the members. Please click here if you would like to join HCWC

Today I am following Anjum's way of cooking with little bit of changes to adapt my taste. The gravy has soft green eggplant, tender potatoes and succulent prawns cooked in browned onions and tomato pureé and lightly seasoned with spices. The gravy can be served with Rice or Roti or Naan or Pooris. One would have to just the consistency to go with the pairing


03 medium big green eggplant - diced (you may use the regular ones)

200gms fresh prawns (big) deveined, washed, marinated in salt and turmeric

02 small yukon potatoes - diced (you may use whats available for you)

01 large plum tomato blanched, skin off and pureed

02 medium small onions - sliced

half TBS turmeric powder

2tbs kashmiri chili powder

chopped cilantro

juice of half lemon (originally Anjum's recipe has beaten yoghurt)

salt as per taste

2tbs oil for cooking

Dry spice powder

dry roast - 2tbs coriander seeds, one tsp cumin seeds, one clove, one bay leaf, half tsp mustard seeds, half tsp fennel seeds. Grind to a dry powder


1 - In a sauce pot add the oil, once it heats up add the sliced onions and cook until they turn brown. *for quick browning add some salt

2 - Now add the pureed tomato and cook until oil separates

3 - Add Kashmiri chili powder, dry roasted powder and turmeric powder and roast for about couple of minutes

4 - Add the potatoes, season with salt and cook until potatoes are slightly tender with quarter cup water

5 - Next goes in the eggplant and give a good mix, cook until the eggplant has cooked

6 - Add the prawns, give a good mix and cook for 5-6 minutes

7 - Turn off the heat, add chopped cilantro, lemon juice, mix and ready to serve.

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