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Egg Drop Curry - Malwani style

I love eggs curries and traditionally I knew egg curry just as boiled eggs that are added to a precooked base and that it!

I recall as a teenager, loving the awesome food cooked by neighbor who were from Malwan. A fishing village located on the western coast of India. They had such ethnic dishes, that its a decade later I realized how distinct they are. Now that I have tried out the egg drop curry for so many years, I can vouch that if you are an egg lover, and never tried the poached egg style, then today is the day :)

Glad to share a recipe that I have developed keeping in mind the availability of ingredients

Malwani Egg Drop Curry

Ingredients for the masala:

one large onion sliced

6 garlic cloves + 4 crushed

half inch ginger piece

one tablespoon coriander seeds

3 dry red Kashmiri chili

one tablespoon oil

3 tablespoon desiccated coconut

Other ingredients

04 large eggs

1tbs tomato paste (or one large tomato puree)

few curry leaves

one tablespoon Malwani masala (I get ready made. You may use any garam masala if you cant get malwani)

oil for cooking


chopped cilantro for garnishing


1 - Roast all the ingredients under masala except coconut until the onions caramelize. Add coconut at this stage and fry until it turns light brown. You can roast it separately too. cool down

2 - Grind all the above mixture with tomato paste or puree and some water to get a smooth paste

3 - In a pan add cooking oil. Once it heats up, add crushed garlic and few curry leaves. This gives the curry a very nice flavor

4 - Now add the ground masala and fry until you see oil separate

5 - Now add salt as per taste and malwani masala and fry for few seconds

6 - Add one cup water and bring to a rolling boil and maintain it

7 - Now break open the eggs directly into the boiling gravy (be careful). Break eggs and be very quick to drop it in the curry from very close to the surface of the curry. wait for few second for the curry to start bubbling again and break the eggs next to the earlier one. do similarly for rest of the eggs

8 - Cover and cook for 4minutes. using 2 flat spatula, flip gently. If you feel the eggs are still soft, wait for a minute and flip all. Cover and cook for 4minutes more

9 - Turn off the heat, garnish with cilantro, cover and let it sit for 5mins before serving

The view link to this recipe on youtube click below

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