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Dates & Walnut cake

Eggless cake and sugar free ? Yes!!!! That’s how creative my morning was!

Just when I feel I ran out of ideas to plan my meal, the apple 🍎 hits me ! I have been wanting to bake a sponge cake for couple of days .But the additional consumption of sugar, while staying indoors with no access to gym, I was a bit hesitant. But this morning the idea to bake a date cake triggered. Dates flesh by itself won’t give a sweet taste so that’s when date syrup comes into the picture and the recipe develops - right at 7-15am !! No regrets :)

The recipe is very simple. All you have to be careful with is the baking time. It could be because of the ingredients that it takes longer to bake. However since this is the first of its kind eggless & sugar free cake with less conventional ingredients, it is advisable to be little attentive. Perhaps this advice from an amateur baker might have a solution by the experts. But for now the blue print of the recipe is as below..

I will be glad to read how the recipe works with your kitchen.


  1. 125gm cake flour

  2. 240ml date syrup (more or less as per your preference)

  3. One medium ripe banana (10gm)

  4. Half cup coarsely chopped/crushed walnuts

  5. Pinch of nutmeg

  6. Half cup chopped dates (soft variety)

  7. One tablespoon ghee or butter

  8. Loaf tin (5.75 X 3 X 2 1/2 inch)


1 - In a mixing bowl, mash the banana using back of a fork. Mash it well.

2 - add date syrup and mash it again to get a well combined texture. Using a electric whisk, whisk well (you may use a normal manual whisk too)

3 - Add chopped dates and whisk for a minute or two

4 - add the nutmeg and chopped walnuts. Mix.

5 - Add sifted cake flour and fold in well. You may drizzle some more date syrup, if the cake mix is too dry. But do so only if the batter is very thick.

6 - preheat oven at 190C electric.

7 - grease the loaf tin and pour the batter in it. Tap on surface to level it.

8 - garnish with crushed walnuts

9 - bake in preheated oven for 25mins or until the tooth pick comes clean.

10 - once done, let the cake stay in the oven for 10mins before cooling it on a cooling rack.

  • You may use regular all purpose flour but add baking soda to the flour and salt too.

  • Baking time and temperature may vary so keep an eye on the browning part. If you feel the top has browned but not cooked through then cover the top with a foil and continue cooking. But keep an eye. Ovens are unique.. Just like people :)

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