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Dates ladoos

As I write today, fiber is my focus for this week. Actually its been so since yesterday and I have been trying to come up with some easy to make options

While going around the supermarket, I came across some date ladoos sold at the bakers. I am not a fan of random buys as it looks nice. I am sure we have some high class food so quality is not an issue. I prefer home food so I had to make those dates ladoos my way

Sharing my recipe for the energy fiber bombs

Dates Ladoos

150 gms Medjool dates (soft caramel tasting dates)

40ml ghee

20gms desiccated coconut

Half tsp cardamom powder


1 - Remove the seed from the dates and add to the chopper along with cardamom powder and turn it to a fine paste like consistency

2 - Remove the mixture in a bowl, add ghee and mix. Shape them into round balls and roll them in desiccated coconut

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