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Dark Chocolate Mousse

Dark, silky, velvety smooth and delicious texture in a bowl. It has to be Chocolate Mousse!!

For few days l have been wanting to make Chocolate Mousse ...Call it a break from breaking the oven baking bread :) or sweet tooth that has been quite active, even if some are chipped :) l wanted the right kind of chocolate for the mousse, and advantage of being a morning person, I rushed to the supermarket, even before they open ...they were 5mins late today ;) and picked up stuff to indulge in my Chocolate craving!

Chocolate Mousse can be made with / without eggs, using cocoa powder or cooking chocolate. Adding cream too is an option. If you seek my opinion, I prefer without cream. Simply because bitter-sweet chocolate with eggs just tastes wonderful by itself.

So without much ado and counting all the calories and fat loaded in, enjoy the recipe and the visuals. And if you do try this recipe, give me a shoutout.

Ingredients 100gm chopped dark cooking chocolate (70%)

42gm or 3TB unsalted butter

3 large eggs (separate yolks and egg whites)

25gm sugar + 42gm additional divided into 2 (21gmX2)

120gm whipping or heavy cream (34% fat)

Coffee powder for dusting (optional)


1 - Heat chocolate and butter in a heat proof bowl over simmering water (bowl shouldn’t touch water, stirring occasionally, until both ingredients are well blended. about 3-4mins.

2 - Using a beater (electric or manual), beat egg YOLK with 25gm sugar until pale & fluffy (5mins electric medium speed)

3 - Clean the beater, and beat egg white with 21gm sugar until medium stiff.

4 - Gently mix the egg yolk mixture with the chocolate until well combined and no streaks.

5 - Fold in the egg whites in the chocolate mixture until well combined.

6 - Divide mousse among the ramekins or any serving dish of your choice and let it chill in the refrigerator for 3-4hrs.

7 - Before serving, whip cream with 21gm sugar to medium stiff peaks.

8 - Spoon dollops of whipped cream on top of each mousse, and dust some fine coffee powder over the mousse.

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