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Dabeli, an Indian street snack

Dabeli is an Indian street snack originating from the state of Gujarat. It is a sweet, tangy, crunchy, little spicy and nutty taste which represents the colorful state, so true to the people and character of the state

Dabeli can be churned up in no time - with pre packed masala or made at home. I had the former one for sometime and it was time to use it up. The time required to make this is quite balanced but the process to make this is even more fun than relishing it! its like putting jigsaw puzzle together - bread, stuffing, chutneys, nylon sev, pomegranate! Love it

I would love to take you through the recipe and I hope you recreate it



03 buns or pav as its called in India

02 medium sized potatoes boiled and mashed

one pomegranate kernels

2 tablespoons roasted peanuts

2 tablespoons dabeli masala (no peanuts)

3 tablespoons nylon sev (thin gram flour sev)

one teaspoons oil

For garlic chutney

In a blender jar, add half inch ginger, 5 garlic cloves, 3 big Kashmiri chili dry which was soaked for 15mins, amchur or dry mango powder, half lemon juice and blend to a smooth paste by adding some water

For tamarind chutney

1 - add two tablespoon of tamarind paste (you may use pulp), 2 dates, some cumin powder and little black salt (a pinch) to a blender jar and make a smooth paste

2 - Pour this in a small tempering wok and add 20ml water and bring to a boil

Method to make and assemble dabeli:

1 - In a pan add some oil, once it heats up, add the mashed potatoes and the dabeli masala and on medium flame mix well with one table spoon of tamarind chutney (as above) for 5minutes making everything combined well. let it cool down

2 - now add half of the pomegranate kernels to the potato mix along with peanuts and mix well. This will be the stuffing for dabeli

3 - Take the pav, cut gently from two sides, make a pocket for stuffing.

4 - Smear the garlic chutney and then tamarind chutney first (inside pav)

5 - Stuff with a generous amount of potato stuffing for all pav

6 - heat some butter in a pan, place the pav on the and toast both sides until crispy (take about 2-3mins each side) and let it cool to be able to handle

7 - The open edges to be coated with the left over pomegranate kernels and then nylon sev - ready to relish!

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