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Chicken Peshawari

Now as the name sounds, the dish by itself is exotic. Saying this because who ever got introduced to this dish, vouch for its taste.

We have known dishes that have a bunch of ingredients before its qualified to be called as delicious or exotic. This humble dish that originated in Pakistan, Karachi to be precise is known with many names. Some that I was made aware of is - karahi chicken, Shinwari Karahi or Shinwari Karahi chicken.

As Shakespeare says, whats in a name, I say the same when it comes to food. All that matters is taste. And food has no religion, caste, geographical boundaries. All it has is taste!

So without much of reading, let me share the recipe and the cooking video as below. And if you like, please do share, comment and Subscribe

Chicken Peshawari

Recipe Outline

1 - add about 3 tablespoons oil and 2 tablespoons ghee (this dish is known to taste best with extra oil or ghee) in a wok 2 - once heated, add about 750gms washed and cleaned chicken that has been marinated in salt for 30mins. Fry until the color changes to white 3 - Add one tablespoons each of ginger and garlic paste. Keep frying on high until you see light brown color on chicken 4 - Cut 4 medium tomatoes cut into halves. Add the chunky pieces on the chicken. Do not mix. Cover and cook for 5 mins. Pull the skin off the tomatoes. Mash them and cook further for 5 mins. 5 - Add one tablespoons Kashmiri chili powder, half tablespoon turmeric, 1/2 tablespoon coriander powder, 1/2 tbs cumin powder, quarter tbs black pepper powder, quarter tbs chaat masala, one tbs crushed kasuri methi. Give a good mix. Check salt if needed 6 - cover and cook on low for 15-20mins. (Slow cooking). Give in a stir every few minutes. Once chicken cooked well. Turn off heat. Serve with ginger julienne and green chilies chopped

Video Recipe

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