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Chicken Frikassee Avgolemono & Pilaf me Saltsa Domata

Greek food is my all time favorite mainly because of the fresh ingredients matched with simple cooking that makes it delicious and also saves some much time. I have here one Greek delicacies which takes me down to some beautiful memories from Athens where I had spent about two weeks exploring the local cuisines on a food walk tour and this is one of the dish - Chicken Frikassee picked up during one of the local cooking live demonstration.

Chicken here is cooked with green leafy vegetables and then dressed in a egg lemon sauce which is the interesting twist of the dish. Very unique sauce and the idea to add eggs other than normal preparation caught my attention. It is my pleasure to share the recipe with you all

Chicken Frikassee and Pilfa me Salta Domata served with some pita bread and hummus


6 chicken drumsticks (bone in skin on) alternatively chicken thighs

one onion chopped

one bunch of chopped spinach (only leaves)

one bunch of Dill chopped (only leaves)

one bunch lettuce chopped (optional but best to add)

5 strings of scallion or green onions (bulb and green both)

one cube chicken bullion

2 tsp black pepper powder

03 egg yolk only

02 lemons (juiced)

03tbs olive oil

500ml water

salt as per taste


1 - Marinate the chicken pieces with little salt and black pepper powder and leave it for 10mins

2 - In a pot add olive oil and then place each chicken piece neatly lined up. The idea is to get the chicken browned from all sides on a high flame. Note: Do not cook it completely but just the skin browned. remove the pieces out

3 - In the same oil add chopped onions and saute until the onions start to turn brown

4 - Now add the chicken back in the pot where onions are browned, chicken bullion and water enough to cover the surface of chicken. Check salt if needed. Bullion has salt so you may not need to add

5 - Cover and cook for 10mins. Chicken will be 80% cooked (Do not cook completely)

6 - Now remove the chicken pieces and add all chopped greens and cook for 5minutes

7 - Add the chicken back to the pot and simmer for 10minutes. while this is on, do the next step and keep ready

8 - Beat egg yolks and juice of two lemons well and add 2 tablespoons of the broth which is simmering. add one at a time, mix and then add second and mix

9 - Once the chicken is cooked well, add the egg lemon sauce to the chicken pot, turn off the heat immediately and give a good mix. the sauce will thicken up.

I have served chicken frikassee with Pilaf me Saltsa Domata (Greek tomato pilaf) and below is the quick recipe

1 - wash 100gms long rain rice and set aside

2 - in a pan add one tablespoon olive oil and followed by one chopped tomato and 4 garlic cloves. Cook until onions are soft

3 - Now add some fresh or dried rosemary and saute for few seconds

4 - Add one red chopped tomato and one tbs tomato paste (optional), salt to taste, mix and cook until the tomatoes are mushy and totally disintegrated

5 - Cool down and then make a puree using hand blender

6 - In another pot add some oilve oil and then one chopped onion and saute until onions are browned.

7 - Next goes in the washed rice and mix until the moisture is absorbed. add pureed tomato to the rice, mix well, add one cup water and cook covered on medium heat until done

8 - OPTIONAL - I cooked scrambled egg whites left over from the egg lemon sauce and added to the pilaf at the end and mixed it. Nothing goes waste!

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