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Cheesy Garlicky baked Prawns

It is the best time of the year. Being on holiday with winter of Middle East makes you want to be outdoors, exploring the beauty of the sea, barbecue and just feel thankful for the lovely surprises the year had in store. With that anticipation, I landed at the fish market which is the most beautiful place to visit. The place has its own charm, the hustle bustle, tourists off the cruise watching the daily routine with awe, the different faces in the market, each one having own stories! Basically I get lots of memories with the prawns that makes the whole cooking process an art

The title of this post itself should let the taste buds roar - I WANT IT! This was exactly my thought when I had my eyes on fresh prawns this morning! Mere sighting prawns already had in mind how I will bathe my fresh prawns with cheese and use garlic scrub to make it even more beautiful (taste wise) :)

I can write lot of things here but I would rather share the recipe so that you can connect with my memories and try making this simple dish in no time!

Cheesy garlicky prawns with baked potato


Big prawns, skin on, head off, deveined and butterfly cuts

50gms grated cheese (I used strong cheddar)

25gms grated Parmesan

one while garlic finely chopped

salt as per taste

freshly crushed black pepper


1 - Pre heat the oven at 230C

2 - Apply salt and freshly crushed black pepper to the opened prawns and leave it for 20mins

3 - Mix both cheese and garlic and some salt

4 - Stuff the open side of prawns with cheese mix (be generous) and place each piece neatly in a baking dish

5 - Place the dish in the oven for 15mins. As you see cheese melt, turn off oven and turn on the broiler and place the dish near the grill and roast for 2/3mins. turn off and let the dish be out for 5-7 mins before serving. Serve the dish hot

I have served some baked potato along with prawns. Recipe is very simple

dice potatoes, season with salt, pepper, dried rosemary and butter. Place in the oven 5mins earlier than the prawns and bake it along. remove the potatoes from the oven once you have plated the prawns

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