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Broon Pao or Crusty Rolls

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Broon or Burun pav are crusty rolls with a semi-hard crust and a soft texture inside. These pao are very popular in Irani Restaurants across Mumbai and Pune.

Broon Maska with a hot cup of chai (tea) is a breakfast on the go for many working class. Broon pav also called as kadak pao is popular in Goan cuisine too. Paired with any curries, this crusty rolls are just delicious as a maska pao

Besides lots of curries, pastas , traditional food, thalis and yoghurt, bread is the something I am trying out. Rather than going to supermarket, making own bread is being creative and i get to eat and relish stuff that I ate while growing up in India

Let me take you through my no-fail recipe to make broon pao.


250gm soft APF or Maida

155ml room temperature water

7gm active yeast

20gm caster sugar

20gm unsalted butter (reserve 5gm for greasing)

6gm salt

A bowl of water (oven safe)


1 - Mix yeast, sugar and water

2 - In a bowl of stand mixer, add flour and salt and mix

3 - Pour yeast mix in the flour

4 - Turn on at low speed until the flour is a shaggy mass

5 - Add half of butter and start the mixer at speed 2 for 3minutes

6 - Stop and relax the dough for a minute and add rest of the butter and start kneading a speed 3 for 3minutes. Stop for 30sec and knead for 4min. Pinch a small piece of dough to check if it passes the window pane test. If not start kneading for 2-3min

**if kneading by hands, knead for 15mins**

7 - Grease a large bowl, place the dough in it and grease the top of dough with butter. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap and keep it in a warm place to proof or double in size. It took 60mins for me in a warm place in my balcony

8 - That is how the dough looks after 60. punch the dough to remove the air and give it a light knead.

9 - weigh the dough and cut it in equal pieces. I wanted 4 large broon so make 4 pieces weight 98gm each

10 - Grease a baking tray, or line up a baking sheet, roll the dough pieces into smooth balls as much as possible, and place them on the tray.

11 - Leave some gap, cover it with a cling wrap and let it stay in warm place for 45min-1hr. It will rise and double in size

** Pre heat your oven at 220C for 10mins**

12 - once it is risen, uncover the dough, spray water or brush water

13 - Carefully place the bowl of water in the oven (to create steam), place the baking tray in the oven, and bake for 10mins at 220C and next 30mins at 180C or until the pao has a dark golden texture.

14 - Broon pav is ready. Remove the pao from the tray and place the pao on a wired rack to cook down and enjoy the fruits of labor with some makkhan :-)


1 - Cooking time may vary depending on your oven

2 - I made 4 pieces, but if you like you can make more or less using same quantity

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