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Black Chickpeas Idlis

More Idlis to everyone! I ain’t Idli savior but I love to experiment with food.

Today it is black chickpeas or kaale channe Idlis. Protein packed and keeps you full for a long time. Of course black channa are full of protein and fibre.

I usually don’t like black chickpeas much. There was a jar of it and l didn't want it to go waste.The only way to use it was to create something that will be delicious and is also healthy.

I have tried dosa and Idli both. And the results were fantastic. Dosa turns out crisp as long as you are using a iron griddle to roast. Once cooked the dosas are very delicate which indicates the slight crumbly texture. Perhaps because I had ground it coarsely rather than a fine batter.

Idli or dosa, both are fantastic and you just need to align a right chutney to match the taste. Just plain butter too is great with dosa. For Idli I have tried the hing or asafoetida chutney.

Here is a quick recipe :


2 cups black chickpeas or kaale channe

One cup urad dal or black gram

One tsp fenugreek or Methi seeds

Salt as per taste


1 - Wash and soak black chickpeas and urad dal for 6-7hrs

2 - grind urad dal to a fine batter. Use less water to grind.

3 - grind black chickpeas to a finer coarse texture

4 - mix both the above batter, add salt and mix well with clean hands for 5 mins. This is to incorporate air

5 - leave the batter to ferment for 8hrs or until it is well fermented.

6 - ready to make Idli or dosas

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