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Bihari kebabs ❤️

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Bihari Kebabs - these succulent melt in the mouth kebabs are so delicious that anyone who loves kebab will fall in love with these bite size full of flavor smoky pieces.

Until few years ago this name was unheard of. Perhaps because Bihar is largely vegetarian with exception to meat eating communities. I was introduced to Bihari kebab in a Pakistani restaurant in Dubai. Until then I had never known such a dish existed! Pakistani restaurant and Bihari kebab was very intriguing to me. Glad I know foodie friends that have told me about the origins and about the name.

Bihari kebabs gets its melt in the mouth texture from the simple marinade and grilling techniques. These kebabs are made with mustard oil and that adds a very different dimension of taste to the meat. Predominantly thin cuts of beef is used but these days you can opt to make it with lamb meat or even chicken. I have used boneless lamb and I found very negligible difference from beef that’s originally used.

Glad to share recipe that I have adapted to make indoor meal adventurous. Bihari kebab with barbari naan ❤️❤️❤️


350gm boneless lamb meat cubes cut into half inch thick pieces.

Half cup whisked yoghurt

One TB green papaya paste

One large onion sliced

5 garlic cloves

Half inch ginger piece

2 pieces star anise

3 pieces mace

One tsp cumin powder

One tsp coriander powder

Half Tb Kashmiri chilli powder

Salt as per taste

2 + 1 Tb mustard oil


1 - Heat 1tb mustard oil in a pan. Add sliced onions and fry until it turns very light golden brown. Cool down completely

2 - add the onions in a blender jar along with garlic, ginger and salt. Grind to a smooth paste. Make a dry powder of star anise and mace

3 - in a mixing bowl add the lamb, ground paste, yogurt, papaya paste, all the dry spice powder, star anise and mace powder, mustard oil and give a good mix. Leave it to marinate min 6 hrs or overnight.

4 - pre heat the gas oven at 220C. I am using metal skewers. If using wooden then soak in water for 30mins

5 - line up the meat pieces on skewers and in a baking tray with aluminium foil lined, bake at 220deg for 40mins or until you get a well browned meat. Serve with barbari naan or any naan of your choice.

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