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Basboussa (Semolina Cakes)

I personally find Basboussa as the best dessert created by the Middle East. They are so easy to make, has very milk flavors, ingredients are basic but still so delicious. There are various ways of making basboussa. The one I am sharing today is a simple and easy one, others have cream filling and various toppings

Let me quickly take you through the ingredients and the method. Please note I have marked a step where one can make this beautiful stunning dessert absolutely vegetarian too


for the syrup 1

/3 cup sugar,

1/3 cup (little less) water

juice of half lemon,

one tablespoon orange blossom water (rose water alternative) For the basboussa

one cup fine semolina

half cup unsalted butter + 2 tablespoons oil

one tsp vanilla extract

02 eggs (vegetarians replace with 2/3cup all purpose flour and milk as per consistency mentioned below)

half cup condensed milk (castor sugar as alternative)

3 tablespoons yoghurt Method:

1 - Make the sugar syrup by combining water and sugar and placing it on heat. stir to have all the sugar crystals dissolved. add the lemon juice and orange blossoms water and bring a simmer (took 10-12 minutes once i placed the pot on heat). turn of the heat and let it sit at room temperature

2 - Mix all ingredients under basboussa well until you get a smooth mixture. It wont be thick or watery. Very medium consistency. Should you find the mixture thick adjust by adding milk (excuse me for having an image. as a tip, your mixture should be little thicker than whisked yoghurt). Set aside for 10mins

3 - pre heat oven at 180

4 - scoop out the basboussa mixture in a greased square or rectangle deep baking dish. Tap the container to have a even mixture and place it in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until the the edges and the top starts to brown. The time may vary on the brand and type of oven used so please keep an eye on the browning part. Once done let it stay in the off mode oven for 10mins

5 - Remove the baking dish from oven, cut into squares or diamond cuts, pour over the sugar syrup making sure all the edges are covered well and all the cracks. Let it rest in the fridge.

NOTE: the sugar syrup must be at room temperature and basboussa hot

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