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Banana Halwa

By now many who read me, know that each food I cook and present has a story. Today’s dish is no different. Also making something good from the leftovers or something that may go waste, is my thing. I see it as being creative while challenging myself.

I have been wanting to make some desserts or like mini sweet bites, which I normally enjoy after dinner. But my thoughts were occupied elsewhere.

Until l saw a few overly ripe bananas that were just going to go waste in my fruit basket. To make a smoothie or shake wasn’t tempting. That’s when scratching my head, an idea 💡struck! Why not make a 'halwa' that I could store for few days and enjoy as a after dinner treat!

And that’s how I started curating the recipe, while I was giving the last stare at the fruit basket. Initially I thought I would be making more wastage of other ingredients because it was a random recipe. To my surprise, I made myself proud! If you are interested to try out my recipe then, do read on... I promise no guilt in there ☺️☺️


3 ripe banana, cut into roundels

One cup (120gm) rice flour

Little over One cup dates syrup (optional jaggery syrup to be adjusted as per sweetness or 2 cups soaked and puréed dates)

2tb lump sugar (khadi sahkar)

A pinch or two of cardamom powder

A pinch of salt

6tb ghee (You May reduce the quantity but I don’t recommend)

2 cups warm water (480ml)


1 - Add banana in a pan and turn on the heat. Let the banana start to sizzle. About 3-4 mins from the time you turn on heat

2 - add rice flour, lower the heat and give a good mix. It may feel sticky but that’s just fine. Let it heat up.

3 - add one cup water and gently mix. It would lumpy. But continue mixing. Turn on heat high. When you see the water being absorbed, add second cup water and keep mixing until you see a well incorporated mix.

4 - add half of the dates syrup and mix and cook for 2-3 mins on High. Add 2 tablespoons ghee and continue mixing and cooking. Use a flat spatula to break, if any lumps. Do not stop mixing. When ghee is soaked, add rest of the dates syrup, add 2 more tb ghee and continue mixing and cooking for 3-4 mins

5 - add cardamom powder and salt and mix.

6 - add final 2tb of ghee, lump sugar and continue mixing and cooking until you see the edges start to leave ghee. Takes 5-6mins of continuous cooking.

7 - cover and cook for 4-5 mins more. Give a scrape and mix couple of times.

8 - pour the mixture in a square deep dish to set (see image below). Garnish with sesame seeds or chopped nuts and let it cool for 2-3hrs. Cut into desired shapes and enjoy GFG’s halwa:)

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