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Donuts Filled with Jam

Donuts that are filled with jam, soft, airy with sugary bites are just a fantastic way to enjoy a casual coffee or tea on the go.

I have been wanting to try making donuts but the deep fried idea made me rethink, rethink and rethink! No..don’t think me as the calorie conscious hippie, I don’t count anymore :) It's because I am not very fond of deep fried donuts. Nor the heavily glazed coating with frosting or sprinkles.

When I asked my baker friend if there was any such recipe, I was swiftly sent a recipe that was made by him. What I did was to tweak and adjust and do my own calculation to build up the base recipe. I particularly don’t like making a lot to store or discard later. So less is more for me :)

For this recipe, I have used regular APF with 12% protein. The texture differs from the flour you use. Also I like a bit of a firm base like a biscuit so I bake a little longer. You may do same or reduce the baking time. Also note, every oven is different. Temperature and time to bake depends on the brand etc. So I advise a little caution.

Let me walk you through the recipe that worked for me and was successful. And I am enjoying the donuts as I share this post with you all ;)

Ingredients for dough

200gm All purpose flour

4gm Instant yeast (if using dry, activate it)

1gm salt

15gm granulated sugar

25gm egg yolk (one small)

100ml lukewarm milk (41C) (+/-)

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

15gm butter + 5gm for greasing

Other ingredients

Strawberry jam as required

3TB caster sugar (or granulated)

10gm butter


1 - Mix flour and salt

2 - Now mix yeast, sugar and milk. Add to the flour and give a mix. Keep some reserved warm milk if you need to add more. I didn’t have to. Flour and liquid absorption depends on quality of flour.

3 - Tip in the egg yolk, vanilla essence and start mixing until you get moisture absorbed dough.

4 - Add butter little at a time and knead to a smooth dough. Knead until the dough passes windowpane test. I used a electric stand mixer so took 8mins.

5 - Grease a large bowl and place the dough in it. Lightly grease the top, cover with a cling wrap and let it rise or double in size. Took about an hour for me.

*prepare a baking tray lined with baking sheet*

6 - lightly deflate the dough, Pat it on a flat surface to get a circular disc, about 1/4 inch thick

7 - using a 3cm wide cookie cutter, press down to cut a round shape. Do not twist the cutter, just press down.

8 - place each cut dough on the baking tray. Make more from the scraps until you can. I could make 10 pieces.

9 - Cover and let it rise for 30-35min.

*preheat gas oven to 200C*

10 - bake the donuts for 18-20mins or until the top has got a light brown color. If using electric oven, consider reducing cooking time and monitoring.

11 - Once done, remove from the oven, brush butter on the doughnuts when they are warm.

12 - dip the top with sugar and coat well. Do the same for all donuts

13 - Fill jam in a piping bag, press the tip into the donut and fill in the jam until you feel the jam is pushing out. Fill out all the donuts.

14 - donuts with jam is ready.

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