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Assamese Thali

Some of the typical Assamese Thali which tastes so light and with basic powder spices

On the thali:

1 - Amitar Khar (Raw papaya and Chana Dal)

2 - Bilahi Boror Tenga (Red lentil dumplings with bottle gourd and potatoes)

3 - Lao Aloo Pitika (Potato and Red pumpkin gravy)

4 - Kodil Bhaji (Banana Flower sabji)

5 - Luci, pronounced as LUCHI

6 - King Fish Fry

7 - Rice

8 - Yogurt

Assam on my plate

Please note to use Mustard oil for all. Has an awesome flavor.

PANCH PORAN - mix of cumin, fenugreek, fennel, mustard and Nigella seeds( Calonji) I suggest to just dry roast and use it instead of dry roast and powder. I did the latter and discovered it burns too quick if put into the oil directly

AMITAR KHAR 1 - In a pressure cooker heat 2 tbsp of mustard oil add panch poran ( i have mentioned it up) bay leaf and dry red chillies. 2 - When the seeds splutter, add the Chopped papaya, green chillies, channa dal, salt and baking soda. Be careful with the peach poran as it tends to quickly blacken 3 - Cover the lid and cook them with 1/4 cup water or as needed and pressure cook them for 4-5 whistles. 4 - After the pressure subsides remove the lid and mix well . If there is excess water turn on the stove and heat them till the water evaporates.

BILAHI BOROR TENGA For the Bro (Pakora) 1 - Soak the masoor dal in warm water for couple of hours 2- In a blender grind the dal into a coarse paste with dry red chili 3 - After they are ground in to coarse paste add salt to taste, turmeric pd and mix well. 4 Heat oil for deep frying and shape the pakoras in to small round shapes or you can roughly pick a small potion and put them in the hot oil for frying. Fry them till golden brown , remove them from oil and drain them in a kitchen towel.

For the gravy: 1 - In a pan heat oil and add Fenugreek seeds and calonji (nigella seeds), Add tomatoes and saute till they turn mushy 2 - Now add lauki and sauté them.Cover and cook them until they are soft. 3 - Add the fried pakoras, mashed potatoes and 1 cup of water or more to make the gravy. ( i made it bit thicker consistency) , Let them simmer until the gravy come together . Turn off the flame and add lemon juice.

LAO ALOO PITIKA ( Super easy one) 1 - Peel and Boil the potatoes and pumpkin in water till they are soft. I used a pressure cooker to cook them well. 2- Once cooked drain out the water and mash them well, add chopped green chili and one tablespoon of mustard oil and mix well

KOLDIL BHAJI 1 - Chopped the banana flower and put it in a bowl of water. 2 - Heat Muscat oil in a pan .Add Panch poron, green chilly, onion and garlic to it and sauté 3 - Add the banana flower almost immediately and sauté them till they turn translucent. 4 - Now add salt and Turmeric, mix the well and in low flame cook them for 5- 10 mins

LUCI 1 - In Bowl Mix all purpose flour, calonji seeds, oil and salt. 2- Mix in both water and milk, start kneading the dough with this thin milk mixture. Make a smooth dough adding little milk mixture at a time. 3 - Rest it for 20-30 mins then divide the dough into equal parts and do as you would make poori

KING FISH FRY (ROHU is ideal choice but I couldn’t get it) 1 - Marinate the fish with vinegar, salt, chili and turmeric powder 2 - Heat oil in a pan, coat fish with rice flour and fry until done

recipe credit - desifiesta

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