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Paya or trotters is a very delicious stew originating from the Indian Subcontinent. May of us know paya as soup but the stew is the star, specially because of the marrow that gets slow cooked with very minimal spices

I had paya on my mind ever since I met or have known people who are under the weather. The reason because paya soup is THE remedy for it. However, I am not biased when paya is had in stew. The delicious fat and marrow from the bones is so delicious with hot tandoor roti!

Traditionally paya is slow cooked but when you are hungry or bit tied up then pressure cooker works the best. I am glad to share my recipe with you all.


4 trotters (paya), cut into halves, Cleaned

one big onion sliced

5-6 mint leaves chopped

6-7 garlic cloves, one inch ginger, 4 green chilies all into a paste

one tablespoon kashmiri chili pwder

one tablespoons coriander and cumin powder

one tsp turmeric powder

dry spices (3 cardamon, one inch cinnamon, 3 cloves, one bay-leaf, 2 star anise)

1/2 + 1/2 tablespoon garam masala

half cup oil

salt as per taste

Fine cleaning of trotters

1 - Wash the trotters and drain off water. soak the trotters in water with one tablespoon turmeric powder for 20mins. drain off (to remove the smell)

2 - Add some wheat flour and salt and coat each pieces well. then rub each pieces to remove any hair that might not have been removed. Normally we get it all clean but i still prefer to follow this process

3 - Wash the pieces again and keep in water


1 - Add oil in pressure cooker and once it heats up, add all the dry spices and fry until they are fragrant

2 - Now add the sliced onions, mint leaves and fry until the onions are light golden brown

3 - drain off the water from the trotters and add to the browned onions and give a good mix

4 - Add ginger garlic green chilies paste, mix and roast on high flame for 4-5 mins or until the raw smell is off

5 - Add kashmiri chili powder and roast for about 2-3mis. if the spices are dry, add a tablespoon or two of hot water and roast

6 - Add cumin coriander powder, garam masala and salt, roast it for 4-5mins. add warm water if the texture is dry

7 - Now add hot water to cover all the trotters well, mix, cover the pressure cover, cook on high for 10mins, and 20mins on lowest. You may need to adjust water and cooking time depending on your pressure cooker make

8 - Once the cooker is cooled down. open. add remaining half tsp of garam masala, serve with garnish of your choice with some warm tandoori naan

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